I. Hey, man. You ready to do this?

II. Yeah, man. I'm ready.

I. Did you bring the rocks?

II. Yeah, man. I brought the rocks.

I. You brought the rocks? Let me see the rocks, man.

II. You want to see the rocks?

I. Yeah, man. I want to see the rocks.

II. What do you want to see the rocks for?

I. I want to make sure you got good rocks. We don't want to be about ready to get started and find out we ain't got the right kind of rocks, y'see what I'm sayin'?

II. Oh, yeah, man. Absolutely, man. That's good thinking. Here, take a look at the rocks I brought. These rocks good?

I. Those rocks are fine. Nothin' wrong with those rocks, brother. Ain't nothin' wrong at all. Great rocks.

II. I'm a little concerned about the number, man. I'm concerned about the number of rocks I brought. I couldn't find very many, y'see.

I. Don't worry about it, man. This is plenty of rocks. We could do this tonight with these rocks and have enough left over to do it again twice. Don't worry about the number, man. This is way more than enough. We got plenty of rocks right here.

II. Plenty of rocks, you say?

I. Yeah, man. Plenty of rocks.

II. Good, man. That's real good. Ain't nothin' worse could happen than gettin' halfway through an' then findin' you ain't got enough rocks, man. That ain't somethin' you want happenin', if y'know what I mean, man.

I. Yeah, man. I got your meanin' there. That ain't what we want happenin'. But we ain't got to worry about that, 'cause we got plenty of rocks, man. Plenty of rocks.

II. Sorry to bring too many, man. I just didn't know how many we'd need.

I. Don't worry about it, man. First time, I understand. Better too many than not enough, I always say.

II. So what do we do? I'm new at this; I ain't sure what to do.

I. Don't worry about it, man. Don't worry about one single thing. I'll talk you through it when the time comes.

II. So, we go now?

I. No, of course not, man. Not in broad daylight, bro. Meet me here at eleven forty-five with the rocks. That's when we go.

II. Why we goin' in the middle of the night? What's wrong with right now?

I. Cops, man, cops. They catch you at this business, man, it's over for you.

II. Cops?

I. Yeah, man. Cops. A buddy of mine got caught by the police at this business. Man, by the time he gets out, he won't have seen the sun in so long, he won't even remember what it looks like. Another guy, guess he acted too threatening, he got shot down on sight. I think the cop got in trouble for it, but that don't mean my buddy ain't dead no more, y'know?

II. Yeah, man. Um, are you sure we should do this?

I. Don't let that scare you, man. Them cops won't get you if you're smart. My buddies, idiots. Use your head and you won't get caught.

II. So, right here, eleven forty-five?

I. Yeah, man. You be there, now.

II. You got it, bro. I'll be there.

I. A'ight, man, give me the rocks. I'll hide 'em so ain't no one gonna find 'em. We get busted if people find 'em.

II. I'll hide 'em, man, I'll hide 'em.

I. You don't know how, man. It's trickier than you think. I'll teach you next time, but for now, man, give me the rocks.

II. Whatever, man, whatever. You know what you're doing, you take the rocks. Take the rocks, man, take 'em.

I. See you tonight, man.

II. Yeah, man. See you tonight.