My cell phone beeped. I sighed, pulling it from my pocket as I walked into my house. Shutting the door behind me, I glanced at the message, the small black letters flashing on the screen stopping me in my tracks.

-Creed meeting. You MUST come! Greed-

I was a lone assassin. I had no reason to attend a creed meeting. But if Greed says I need to go, it was probably important. I shook my head and dashed upstairs to the nursery. Arianna wasn't in the room, she must be sleeping. I walked over to the large crib and grinned down at the bundles of joy lying in it. Wrapped in an old quilt that was my mother's baby blanket then mine, and now my children's, lay my son Leo. He looked exactly like me, but if his eyes were open, they'd be a startling shade of green, like his mothers. His face, even in sleep, held a look of determination and strength. Next to him lay his twin sister, my little princess, Elissa. A spitting image of her mother, with my personality. 2 of the 3 joys in my life. I kissed their foreheads softly, careful not to wake them before I walked out and shut the door behind me. I slipped into my room ad saw Arianna, mi amore, curled under a blanket on the bed. She looked so peaceful. Going over to the closed and pulling open the door, I reached into the far back and pulled out a snow white cloak with a low hood. I put it on quickly, wrapping around my neck a crimson scarf.

I pulled out a small cherry box, and opened it slowly. Pulling out my father's hidden blades I shut my eyes before opening them once more and putting the blades in their rightful places on my arms. From an inside pocket of my cloak, I pulled out a small black rose. I sat it on the pillow next to Arianna and kissed her lips softly. She moved a bit, whispering in her sleep.


I smirked, even in her sleep it was my name she said. No one could make her scream, sigh, laugh, and smile like I could. I turned away, pulling my cloak around me before leaping out the window and landing in a crouch on the ground. I ran for about 10 minutes before I reached a dead end, the back wall of the Cathedral. Pushing against the wall in a certain spot, a door laid into the brick pushed forward and I slipped in, closing it behind me. Letting my feet and my memory guide me down the dank tunnels. Finally, I walked into a well lit rounded room, the walls covered with book shelves, over flowing with books and scrolls, large torches burning in ornate candle holders set into the walls. In the middle of the room sat a large round table, with different men sitting around it. Most of them Italian, some Spanish, one French, and two Americans. I sat down next to one of the American's, my close friend Greed.

Stepping out from the far corridor came a man draped in a crimson robe. His robe showed his status, the creed leader, Giovanni Foxe. He had a fearsome reputation, a man of little heart, of great skills, and powerful mind. He stepped to the last chair, standing behind it and clearing his throat, quieting all of us. When he spoke, his voice rang out, clear, loud, full of authority and power.

"My fellow assassins, creed members, allied lone assassins,"

He nodded to each group as he spoke.

"I have called you all here today, for we have much trouble on our hands. Another creed has been threatening our status as the head creed of Venice. Their leader Nicolo Sforza, has given me awful news, of which I do not know what to make of. Is it lies he tells us? Is it truth?"

We were all getting a bit antsy, shifting in our seats, waiting for him to tell us what we were going to do to maintain our authority in this city.

"You all know of Oscura DeFelotrzi, one of the greatest assassins to ever walk this earth."

He looked at me as I tried to hide my smirk. My dad truly was an amazing man, everyone knew it.

"His name, is being tarnished, things are being said about him."

I sat up straighter in my seat, my anger starting to boil.

"It is said that he killed the head of the Dio Guerriri so he himself could become the head assassin of one of the top ranking creeds. It is said that Oscura was a traitor amongst his own allies, selling their secrets to other assassins."

I stood up, my chair toppling backwards with the force of my motion. I banged my hand against the table. The other assassins, skilled, cold hearted murderers, each one of them flinching slightly, their eyes flashing fear. My eyes had bled to black, my anger controlling me now, my eyesight flashing red as I tried to calm myself. When I spoke, my voice was tight, controlled, laced with anger.

"My father was a man of honor. He did kill the head council members of the Dio Guerriri. He killed them because they nearly ruined his life! They almost killed him, my mother, me, and my twin whom is dead because of them! My father killed them because they were killing others for their own amusement! My father would NEVER sell secrets of his friends. My father was one of the greatest men alive. Whoever would like to say otherwise, will have to deal with me."

I clenched my hands, trying hard to control my anger. I stared at Giovanni, his eyes holding sympathy for me and my father's memory.

"My son, calm yourself. I believe you, your father was a great man indeed, I was lucky enough to know him. We must figure out how to solve this though, preferably without violence. If we cannot clear your father's name and your name as well, then you will be murdered for treason."

I nodded, pushing back away from the table, turning my back against the band of brothers. I walked out of the room, walking out of the building. My vision was splotchy, anger clouding my mind, my soul, every fiber of my being. I needed to get out of there and blow off the steam before I hurt someone. I went to the only place I knew I could go. I went to the cemetery to visit my parents. Sinking to my knees in front of their graves, I told them everything. I screamed in anger, in pain, I cried out of frustration. I let it all out; I sat there for hours before finally coming to a conclusion, standing to my feet whispering.

"I will find this man and I will avenge your honor."