I was very amused when I wrote this. This is all based on a true story about someone I have recently met and truly find amusing…


There was once an incubus in a small little town.

He played with the girls and fought with the boys. His soft black hair, like a raven's feather, his glowing gold eyes of hazel, and his lean muscles struck through the heart

Of every little girl.

One sunny day, in the beginning of spring, he met some nice strangers, whom were ordered to follow. They talked and they walked, they joked and they laughed; but, oh, those poor strangers…

They fell for the spell

Of Mr. Incubus.

And so they stayed and they played with Mr. Incubus. Little did they know, of our playful little incubus, how cruel and dirty he truly was under that dimpled smile.

Soon, the strangers realized with whom they were playing with. Slowly and carefully, the incubus let himself slip, revealing cold dark smirks filled with venom. He tried to hide this cruel curse.

He strived to keep his hens in their pens, said little hens scattered like the feelings, racing amongst their heads. All the while, a single stranger watched, our sadist, sat in wait, their coal black eyes locked with scorn and amusement.

Then it happened, on a night meant for beauty and wonder. The incubus struck, despite his kind croons and loving smiles. His mind began to ponder, his hands began to wonder and the incubus became.

True and vile.

Inhuman and sickening as bile.

Desperate pleads and brutal shoves kept this sick creature at bay.

And now the sadist laughs.

The sadist taunts and the sadist mocks and the sadist?

Adores horror movies.


A/N: I don't know what else to say… I might add a sequel after I find out what happens to Mr. Incubus… Possibly tomorrow or the day after… Or the day after that… Or…