It all started one Thursday afternoon.

I was on my room, singing and dancing to my playlist of songs, whilst letting the breeze of cool zephyr rush in through my open balcony doors.

Have you ever thought just maybeeeeee eeeh eeeeeh! You belong with meeeeeee eeeh, eeeeh!
You belong with me….

Knock. Knock.

There was a knock on the door.

I hurriedly put my mic a.k.a. hair brush away, dusted my clothes and fixed my messy brown locks being the lady of me. Oooh...

‟Come in, ˮ I chirped vivaciously as I lowered the volume of my speakers.

"Haynee…?" I switched my gaze to the door and found my mom there, standing with a very peculiar expression I've never seen her put on. Oooh...

"Mom?" I asked obviously perplexed. Gee. What's that look on her face?

'Funny', I thought.

But was it really funny at all?

She approached and held my hand to my purpley-black sofa, still wearing that weird look.

"Uh, mom what is it?" I asked trying to hide the amusement in my voice. Oooh... Hahah!

But should I really be amused?

'Hello? Mom, what is it? Did you lose your earrings? Did my fish die? Or did you cheat on Dad? Oh, spill…' Hahah. But I could never say that, of course.

"Haynee…" she started.

What, what? Oh what is it, mom? You know I'm not going to wear skirts and never will I...

"You know this was sort of arranged when you're still young."

What's arranged, what's arranged? Oh man, what's arranged this time? Oh no! It!

"Haynee…"she paused. "Haynee..." another pause. "Haynee..."

"Mom, okay. I know my name's Haynee, but you see, my mic's waiting. Just... spit it out".


Oh. Bad mouth. Omigod, omigod omigod! Did I just... say those things?! Oh bad, bad Haynee!

My mom just stared at me with wide eyes for awhile. Oh my! How could I be so bad-mouth?! Sue, sue little Haynee... Now, is she angry?

"Peace, Mom. Peaaace," I put on a V-sign with my hand, together with a stupid sorry- smile. Oh man. I didn't mean to be mean!

She just sighed and rolled eyes. Okay. Whatever.

"Haynee…" a pause.

I raised a brow.

Just continuous pause...

'Mom, I'm waiting. And you're getting me sleepy!'I wanted to yell, but since I am one respectful kid and because I love my mom, I decided it's better to just shut up and wait to know what interesting news my Mom has in store for me that made her come barge into my room (looking uneasy and anxious as ever!) while I was enjoying my remaining vacation before school ever again delight my life.

Toot, toot, toot….

She looked at me in the eye.

I stared back.

"Haynee," she closed her eyes, took a deep breath, finally let it go and then opened them back.
"You're getting married."




That sentence caught the hell out of me. I was apparently, evidently, observably and gob-struck-ly shell-shocked. Forget about the music-thing. Forget about the "you're-getting-me-sleepy" and blah blah! Forget about Taylor Swift, and Hayley Williams, and Cassadee Pope and all the bands and horror movies I've ever loved. Oh forget about everything! Just tell me my mom's just...joking!

I stared at my mom's ocean blue orbs. I don't think I could even move. I sat there, frozen to the core as I tried to register every word that she said.

You're getting married, you're getting married, you're getting married...

My hands were weak and my knees were almost trembling...

She shook her head but I stood up.

Oh my God what's going on?!


Uh, hi. Sorry about the oooh's and hahah's and many punctuation marks Haynee keeps putting on her sentence. It's her grammar, LOL. And she's just really loud I guess, XD. Hope you don't hate it. I've got some haters and 'likers' before in the original but I figured it's better to just delete and re-post. There are way too many changes anyway and I wanna have a fresher start, ROFL. Anyway, R&R if it's fine. And also, I posted this now because it's my birthday. Oh sorry. Ahahah! Actually, I got seventeen last Thursday but whatever. Haha. LMAO.

(P.S.: The original one doesn't contain INTRO...heheh. And though the Twilight-fever is somewhat gone, I'd still re-post this to prove my undying love to Edward. Waah! Oh, joke.)