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Chapter 1 " my new life"

"where are you going , young master "shouted an old man wearing a formal suit while running after a young guy trying to reach his motorcycle

" i`m getting rid of this life " shouted the boy back while continuing his way to his motorcycle . the boy had green eyes and blonde hair from his looks a person could easily know he is not a fully Japanese guy , the boy had with him a small bag which seemed like a bag for trips

" kyoya-sama wait , i`m sure everything can be solved " said the old amn again trying to make his young master change his mind about leaving "come on give me your bag , you can`t just leave like this "

The young guy kyoya smiled ( although he hate everything about this house , he is indebted to this old man ever since his parents were still alive he is the one who always took care of him )

"sorry leon ,but I want to start my own life not a life decided for me "

The determination in the facial expression of the young guy made the old man give up on his attempt , instead he stayed in his place watching the young boy go with his motorcycle he waved to him saying good luck on his new life

The motorcycle drove into the city with her driver not knowing where he is going exactly he only knew one thing , he is now alone and he has to depend only on himself , his mind still driving away from him

he started thinking that now since he is finally out of that jail-like house where will he live and what will he do , he need work to complete living ,he also needs a room or a little apartment to stay in , he regretted not planning anything for this step he only have with him little money and he even collected so little clothes to carry with him .

he sighed " well for now I can stay in any old hotel and start searching for a job "

he was so much in his thoughts that he didn`t see the red light nor the girl who was passing the street . when he noticed he was so near to hitting her he quickly used his brakes and turned the motorcycle as far as he could , he was barely able to avoid hitting her but due to the shock all the bags the girl was carrying scattered on the rood.

He quickly got down from his motorcycle to make sure the girl is all right , he quickly checked her with his eyes to make sure she is all right , he couldn`t help but notice how beautiful she is she had brown eyes and red hair in the color of fire , he was about to apologize when he noticed the anger in her eyes

"i`m so sorry miss , I didn`t notice the light "

The explosion next was not what he expected since he already apologized and nothing happened to her he expected her to accept his apology but she totally exploded in his face

" oh right , like hell this will do , are you blind ? , you could have killed me and on the top of it look at all the bags I had with me " she pointed her finger on the scattered bags and he looked to see that most of the contents are not edible anymore . again he apologized and asked to drive her to was she was going

" like I'll be able to go back to work to tell them I destroyed the ingredients please give me more money to buy them again " at that point he understood why she is so angry about the bags (so that was for her work , maybe her boss will shout at her if he knew about that )

" allow me to buy them again then as an apology " he bowed and asked her politely to ride with him so they can get everything quickly

They both went together to the supermarket and she chose everything she needed and he paid (oh great , I hope what is left with me will be enough to search for any room )

They went out of the supermarket and he asked her to drive her to her work place

It wasn`t a big or a new restaurant in fact it seemed a very old one , kyoya who is new to this type of restaurants wondered since when was it open . the atmosphere inside was not what he had in mind when he stepped inside he found the place well organized, the scent of the place was refreshing, the customers and the waiters were both wearing happy smiles although the place was full, it wasn't noisy or disturbing his thoughts quickly turned to his old life he found himself comparing his usual 5 stars restaurants with this restaurant and to his surprise he found that he likes this type more than the cold atmosphere in 5 stars restaurant ( I wonder how will that old man think when he sees this )

" hey are you going to carry the bags in your hands to the kitchen or will you stare like this forever " he was awakened from his thoughts by the voice of the girl

He felt embarrassed being caught staring in the restaurant like this " sorry where is your kitchen ? "

"this way " she leaded him to the kitchen where he met the owner and his wife

" you are back , I was getting worried that something might have happened to you " said the old woman once she saw the girl

" well I was about to get into an accident and destroyed the ingredients so I went back to buy them "

" oh dear , are you all right ? what happened ? " the old woman started to panic once she heard the word accident she kept asking the girl if she got injured and if she is all right with a very panicked expression

"I`m all right really " said the girl trying to calm the older woman

"i`m really sorry madam , I guess it was my fault I was driving without focusing on the rode " said kyoya apologizing for what he did he felt regret after seeing how the woman got worried when she heard the word accident

The woman on the other hand turned her head towards him as if seeing him for the first time ,then she exploded "why drive if you don`t focus on the road then , people like you are the reason of all the accidents and the death of people everyday,…"

She was interrupted by the girl who told her that he already apologized and he will take care from now on

The older woman calmed down and kyoya feeling that his role ended he bowed and said his goodbyes to leave . the girl accompanied him to the door , he was about to leave when he noticed a small paper on the door , the paper mentioned that the restaurant needed a guy to deliver orders to houses

" do you need a delivery man ? " the girl was obviously surprised by his sudden question but she answered that they do

"okay then what do you think of this motorcycle is it good for work ? " again this time the question surprised the girl more " you mean you want this job "

" yes , I really need a job since the money I have on me won`t last long " he answered

" I thought you are rich , your motorcycle type is a very expensive type , are you sure you want to use this for work "

" well it`s the only thing I have left with me so if I can use it in work instead of selling it I guess i`ll be happy to work with it "apparently the girl understood that he is totally broke so she was ready to help

"well you `ll have to go in there again and talk to oba-san and oji-san about the job "

She said while leading him again inside

They both went inside again to talk to the owner and his wife

At first the woman showed her disagreement on hiring him , she said that with his way of driving she can`t accept the idea of hiring him but she was soon calmed down by the kyoya and the girl they both assured her that this will never happen again

Kyoya after taking the acceptance of the woman thanked the girl for her support

" don`t thank me now , the tough part is convincing oji-san , even I might not be able to convince him if he said no "

What the girl said proved itself soon enough when they sat with the old man he started by saying that kyoya doesn't seem like the type who'd take any work seriously and started criticizing kyoya`s looks then the next part was asking if kyoya ever worked before and of course since he never worked before kyoya answer was no that made the matter worse , the old man started a new argument about young people desires and kyoya must have only felt like trying something new and he will leave them within 2 days if he hired him . kyoya quickly tried to answer the old man by telling him his deep need of work and his lack of money he even told the man that he still need to search for a place to stay in since he doesn`t have a place anymore, he was supported by the girl saying that she believes he will work hard and asking the old man to give him a chance , the argument kept going for half an hour before the old man was convinced to give kyoya the job

After finally taking the job kyoya decided to leave he excused himself because he still need to search for a place to stay in.

The girl went with him to the door again

" thanks for your support , I owe you miss ….. " he suddenly remembered he still don't know her name he politely asked for it

" my name is manabi hikari "

" i`m tamahome kyoya , nice to meet you manabi-chan "

" you too tamahome-san "

Kyoya left on his motorcycle after saying goodbye

" now I need to search for a room to stay in "

End of chapter 1

A/N : phew ,,my first time taking all this time in one chapter but I feel quite satisfied with the result , I hope everyone will like this chapter and wait for the next chapter