chapter 8

The next day kyoya and tadase agreed that they will meet after his work again to complete their talk tadase suggested they go to their favorite café (la sorcière Rose ) but kyoya decided otherwise he gave tadase directions to a small cafe he goes to and told him to wait there

kyoya arrived at work to find hikari and akemi getting ready to leave

" ohayo gozimasu (good morning ) "

" ohayo gozimasu , where are you guys going ? " asked kyoya

" we are going to buy ingredients for the shop , … ah I got an idea maybe kyoya san you can go with hikari to buy the ingredients after all using the motorcycle will make it faster "

" but … the deliveries ...?"

" it`s ok it`s ok we are still early in the morning no deliveries arrive at that time and to tell the truth i`ve been studying so much lately so i`m exhausted i don`t feel like going "

(some how akemi-chan is acting weird today ) both kyoya and hikari were thinking the same thing

Kyoya sighed " ok i guess it`s better going with the motorcycle ,carrying stuff will be easier this way "

" yes ok then i will go tell oba-san and get you your motorcycle "akemi quickly ran up the couple of stairs at the entrance of the shop

" somehow she is overly excited today did something happen ? " asked kyoya

" saaa …..donno " said hikari

A couple of minutes later they were both riding on the motorcycle

" ahh you only rode this once right , the time when we first met , I didn`t notice you are afraid of speed back then " kyoya said as he noticed hikari`s hand squeezing harder around his waist he enjoyed the interaction but without thinking the question got out of his mind to his lips

" of course i wouldn`t show i`m afraid to a guy i just met especially since he was about to run me over "

" don`t tell me you still hold a grudge against me since then "

" of course not but why were you lot in thought back then "

they reached the market and he stopped his motorcycle

" well i was thinking how i was going to live back then ...since i had no job you know ..."

" can i ask you something ? " hikari asked

deep inside he knew what she wanted to know but he wondered if it`s ok to tell her to ask lost in thought he noticed she stopped looking at him and went ahead

" come on we need to get the stuff quickly "

" ah ... ok " ( did she know i don`t want to answer , i hope i didn`t offend her )

inside she told him to buy the meat while she buys the vegetables

" so let`s see what we have to buy from here ... " hikari was lost in though looking at the shelves when suddenly someone came from behind and took her bag and ran


i know this is really late and small but there was no way i could write with the situation in my country as it is it was really depressing so writing was out of question it`s still bad but i thought that i shouldn`t keep people waiting much longer