Hi. This is the original version of Kahit Isang Araw Pa. The filipino version was for a project at school. It sounded good so I decided to post it too. For non-filipino speakers I typed up the english version (that I made before the filipino one, shoot me for being bad at writing my native tongue). So anyway. Enjoy.

Wish For One More Day

It's loud…

Lights flash…

People scream…

Voices sing…

But one voice rises above the rest…


My name is Aaralyn Eae. Singing is my life. Today, I sing on stage while thousands of people watch, singing and calling my name. Crazy fans come with the famous singer package…and that's what I am.

Tonight, I sing at yet another concert. It is the final song. I pour my whole heart and soul into it, funneling my passion into my voice…into the words, the music…the song. I pour everything into my singing because…because it could be the last song I sing.

The song ends. I take a bow as applause fills the air. I smile and wave o the crowd of people who came to hear me sing. I wait for the stage lights to dim before leaving for back stage. I steel myself for what I know awaits me there. I try to breathe evenly but when I see him I can't help but cringe.

Cael Dantanian, my best friend for so long. His tall frame leaned against the wall. I expected him to be mad at me, to scold me for singing…but he wasn't…he didn't. Cael just looked at me with a look of hurt disapproval. It rent my heart just to look him in the eye. I looked away.

"You lied…again."

I didn't say anything.

"You said that you'd cancel this concert."

"…it was sold out…I would have lost a whole lot of money if I cancelled." I said softly.

"You know this will only speed things up." He said relentlessly.

I nodded.

Cael sighed, "Can't you care for yourself more?" he moved towards me and pulled me into his arms, "Call me selfish but I'm not ready to lose you just yet."

Ah, that's right. Thanks for reminding me, Cael. Thanks for reminding me that I could die anytime. Death it's a truth that I try to forget, I know that I'll die one day, sooner that most women my age. I know that the doctors don't think I'll live another year. They daren't even hope for me to live till Christmas. I know all this is true because…I have cancer. Cancer of the voice box actually.

It's because of this that Cael is angry with me. Aside from being my closest friend, Cael is also a doctor, my doctor. When I was diagnosed with cancer five years ago, he went and studied so that he could become my doctor. Cael knows what's good and bad for me…and singing is definitely bad for me.

"You know that the more you sing, the more you aggravate your cancer right?" he said softly, still holding me.

"I can't help it!" I burst out.

"Shh…enough talk. Rest your voice. Besides I know what you're going to say 'Singing is my life. Just because I have cancer doesn't mean I should kill my life before its really gone…' stuff like that right?"

I nodded, glad he couldn't see my red cheeks.

"And now you're blushing."

I cursed silently, Cael knew me too well.

Then again, why shouldn't he? We've been friends since high school. He knew that I wouldn't give in to this creeping death just because I knew my days were numbered. If I die, then I die on the day my body fails, not when my spirit fails to have hope. I live each day like I will die tomorrow, yet every evening I wish for one more day.

"We made a deal. One concert a month. This is the second in two weeks."

Cael pulled away so he could pull a small pad of paper and a pen from his pocket. He offered them to me. I sighed as I accepted them. This was the price of my singing. To let my voice rest, I can't speak for two days after a concert. Forty-eight hours, no talking, no humming and definitely no singing, Cael times me.

"Let's go to your dressing room. You can change while I make you some tea. It will soothe your throat."

Something soothing sounded absolutely delicious. But just to annoy him…I quickly wrote on the pad and showed it to him.


He smiled, "It's your favorite. " he teased playfully, "I'll even put honey in it."

I showed him the pad again.

Cael shook his head, "Go on, I'll follow soon."

I stuck my tongue out but headed in the direction of my dressing room. Stage hands and other staff greeted me and congratulated me on the success of the concert. I smiled and nodded but didn't stop.

I reached my dressing room and entered, closing the door behind me.

I took off my stage clothes and dug in the closet for something simple to wear. Finally I settled on a sleeveless deep lavender dress that reached my knees. I heard footsteps approaching the door and quickly pulled the dress on. But no one knocked and the sound faded away. Sure that no one would enter, I continued dressing. I reached for a white knitted cardigan but just as my tiny hand brushed against it I felt the burn in my throat flare up. My hands immediately clutched my throat.

Not now! Oh please if there's a god up there, I beg of you, not now!

The pain was a dreaded but familiar one. It signaled when my throat cancer would act up. Depending on the pain of the first flare, it could be a small coughing fit or, at worst, I would cough blood and be struck with convulsions.

Please let it be a small one, please!

Almost immediately, huge racking coughs shook my body. There was a metallic taste on my tongue but I kept my lips closed as I lurched desperately towards the sink in the corner.

Bending over the sink, I vomited blood. After what seemed like hours, the torrent stopped and I retched weakly but nothing came out. Tears leaked from my eyes as I washed away the blood. I splashed water on my face, scrubbing till the make-up, blood and tears were gone. I rinsed my mouth to get rid of the vile taste then dried my face and hands.

I put on the white cardigan I reached for just minutes ago. I stood in front of a full length mirror and examined myself. No blood had landed on my clothes, thankfully. I wondered at my reflection; did I really look like a cancer patient?

In the mirror, I saw a girl of average height. I was paler than I was five years ago but a faint flush rested on my cheeks from the fit I had earlier. I still had all my hair but it was shorter now, barely brushing my shoulders. My eyes looked big in my small face.

No. I decided, I don't look like I have cancer.

I heard someone knock on the door.

"Aaralyn? I'm coming in." I heard Cael say.

He entered, carrying a cup of hot tea. He gave it to me and I drank, glad to have something to soothe my throat. He waited for me to finish before he spoke.

"Put on your shoes. I'm taking you out to dinner."

I looked inquiringly at him. He flashed me a quick grin.

"To celebrate, why else? It was a great concert."

A smile let up my face as I tugged on a pair of white flats. Cael was, in more ways than one, too good for me. He should be out dating other girls, instead of perpetually taking care of me. But at the same time, I hoped he'd never leave me.

True to his word, Cael brought me to a small restaurant. I'll always remember that dinner as a happy time. It was a bright spot to look back on in the dark days ahead.

After that night, my cancer got worse. Days blended into weeks, weeks blended into months. All I could remember was a blur. After that concert, I sang no more. My days were filled with treatments and doctor's appointments, faces, places that I refused to dwell upon.

My only constant was Cael Dantanian. He was the face I remember seeing the most. His was the hand that held my hair as I vomited blood into a sink. His was the arms that held me when my body shook with convulsions. And, on the days I didn't have to go to the hospital or was sick, he was the one who brought me out to movies, carnivals, parks, fairs, anywhere I could possibly want to go and I knew why. Cael didn't want me to remember my last days as a pain-filled hell. He wanted me to remember the happy times. He wanted what I wanted. He wanted me to live…even though I knew and he knew I wouldn't.

Before I knew it, it was December. Snow and Christmas carols filled the air. I knew my time was almost up. And though Cael had already given me so much, I had to ask for one last thing.


"Please!" I begged.

"How can you ask me to let you sing at a concert? You could die any day!"

Cael stopped, shocked at his outburst. For the past five months, it was an unwritten rule not to talk about me dying. No one said anything. We just avoided the topic.

"We're in a crucial stage right now." He told me softly, "As your doctor, I have to tell you that singing isn't safe right now."

"And it never will!" I raised my voice, "I haven't sung in a concert for over five months. I need to sing. It's my life, you know that."

"If you sing at another concert, you will die." Cael said harshly.

I felt like crying.

"I swear this will be the last concert I'll ever sing at."

He stared at me, his eyes as hard as stone.

"If you sing this one last concert, it will really be your last."

"Please Cael!"


He turned away but not before I saw tears forming in his eyes. Cael left before I could say another word. I think he knew that if he stayed he would have given in.

I stared at the spot where Cael had stood then slowly but deliberately pulled my cell phone out and dialed my manager.

"Hello?" he answered on the first ring.

"That Christmas concert you told me about?" I said into the phone.

"The one on December 24?"

"Yeah. It's on."


The only reason I got away with it was because Cael was a doctor. I was his patient but I wasn't the only one.

Another of his patients called. He had to leave because the patient lived out of town. He was so distracted because of this other patient that he didn't put up much of a fight when I asked to stay in the city. After all, I was doing great. The pain in my throat was nothing but a dull ache and I didn't have a fit for a whole week.

So Cael left late December 22. He promised to be back in time for Christmas night before he said good bye. I think he believed that the doctor's prediction wouldn't come true. I was doing so well. There's no way I could die, right?

December 24…

It was almost time. I could imagine the big crowd that waited for me. I don't know how my manager did it…actually I don't know how Cael missed all the signs…

"Aaralyn, you're on in five." My manager said, poking his head into my dressing room.


I stood and made my way to the stage. I could now hear the crowd, murmuring in excitement and then the announcer…

"And presenting…a great voice we haven't heard for more than half a year…here for her final concert…I am honored to give you…Aaralyn Eae!"

I took a deep breath.

This is for you, Cael. I thought.

Then I plastered a smile on my face and stepped onto the stage.

The cheers and applause didn't bother me. I barely heard it. Instead I took the mike and spoke into it.

"Thank you all for coming to my last concert. This concert is dedicated to a very special someone who helped me a lot the past years. Where ever you are I hope you can hear me. Merry Christmas everybody."

Then I sang. If I thought I had sung with my all in the past concerts I was wrong. It was tonight that I put everything. It was in this final concert that I truly poured my heart and soul. All the pain I ever felt because of my sickness but also every single moment of happiness that brightened my life. I remembered each and every memory and poured it all into my singing.

That night I used my voice to express all that I felt and suddenly I realized why I felt like I was putting everything into this night.

I was saying good bye…

Tears streamed down my cheeks but I didn't care. Pain flared in my throat but I ignored it. I kept on singing my final good bye.

I took my final bow then I heard someone backstage call my name.


It was Cael. He was being held back by security guards.

"Cael!" I ran to him but before I could cover half the distance, the pain in my throat exploded. With a strangled cry, I crumpled to the floor, hugging myself tightly as huge coughs shook my body. Before I could stop it, blood came out of my mouth and I was choking. I couldn't breathe.

"Let go of me!"


And suddenly he was there with me, holding me close, heedless of the blood staining his clothes.

"Aaralyn…Aaralyn…why?" his voice was anguished.

Miraculously the coughing stopped and I could look up at him properly.

"It was…for you…" I whispered.

I couldn't feel the pain anymore. My vision was getting blurry. I felt myself slipping away but I held on and forced myself to finish.

"Thank you Cael…and…good bye…"

I stopped speaking…it took too much effort. Vaguely I heard Cael order someone to call an ambulance.

Then for some strange reason, I just knew that I beat the doctors' predictions. I lived till Christmas Day.

Cael was yelling at me to stay awake but it was just too much and I closed my eyes…

I think I died on Christmas Day.

The End

Yeah, that's the end so sue me. Want to hear something funny? I finished writing the english version during my tutorial. There were a bunch of other students and tutors in the room but i couldn't help myself. I put my head on the table an cried when I finished writing this thing.

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