First day of college. It was good so far . . . even though I just got to my first class. My best friend, Shaunee, and I were sitting together. She was so beautiful, she has blonde hair, blue eyes and is super skinny, but she doesn't have A boobs like some skinny girls, she has B. We both had a heart-shaped face, and blue eyes, but I had black hair, and C boobs, but I was also pretty skinny. Science was my first class, and I had heard from any older kids that Ms. Bunt was evil.

"If you're not seated this instant, then I suggest you hurry and find a seat!" Ms. Bunt, yelled. The last remaining standing, quickly darted to seats. "Freshman year, will be your hardest year, and if you're smart, you'll last. Half of this class won't. Look at the person next to you, one of you, by the end of the year, will not be here."

Shaunee and I looked at each other, and we burst out laughing. "You two!What are you cackling at!?"

I paused in my laughing, "Um, well it's just that I know we'll both make it till the end of the year, and, um, I just think that it's funny you can say with utter confidence, what you 'know' what we're going to do with our lives!" In the end I was almost yelling.

"Detention, both of you!" she announced.

"What!?" I screamed.

"You get two detentions Miss . . ." she said, implying for me to fill in the space with my name. Ha, she's a true idiot if she thinks I'm going to be nice to her. Here goes a year of giving the teacher hell. This was going to be fun. "What is your name?" she asked, reluctantly.

"You're the teacher, you should know, shouldn't you?" I said, "I mean you know our futures why not our names?" I said, sarcasm dripping from my words.

"I asked you your name, now tell it to me." she ordered.

I laughed, "Yeah . . . how 'bout not?" I said, "Yes, yes, I like that idea."

She walked over to a sheet she had, flipped through some pages, and said, "Miss Alaina Denning."

I raised an eyebrow, "Yes?" I asked.

"A week of detention," she said, smiling, as if what she just did was the burn-of-the-year.

"Alrighty," I said, acting happy about it.

She scowled, then looked back to the class and started ranting again. Shaunee knocked me with her elbow, smiling brightly. She held up her hand, I smacked it laughing. Ms. Cunt ignored me, gasp, did I just say cunt, oops, I meant bunt.

The rest of the day went good, better yet the rest of the week. So far I was succeeding in making Ms. Cunt's life hell, during and after class. Shaunee was too. This is why we're best friends.

2 weeks

3 weeks

Week four,

It's late at night, I'm supposed to be at a detention, but Shaunee and I were invited to a Junior party. So we were going. Shaunee was driving, it was an off campus party. A lot were, we went to a community college.

"Stop at Walgreen's, I need chocolate," I told Shaunee. She laughed, pulling up to a parking space.

I went in, I was deciding whether to get Whoppers, Reese's Pieces, or a white chocolate cookies and cream bar, when someone bumped into me, nearly knocking me over. I spun around to yell at whoever had hit me, only to find a super super, hot/fine guy walking away. He had medium, dark brown hair, with blue tips. He was average size for a guy, like 5.9ish, strong, but not football strong, that kind. He was also pretty tan, I couldn't see his face though. He had his back to me. "Excuse me," I said.

He glanced my way, then did a double take, "Yeah?" he said.

He was even better from the front, he had blue eyes the color of his tips, and the softest looking face. "I . . . you almost knocked me over," I said.

"Oh," he smirked, "That wasn't me, that was my friend."

"Your friend? Well can you tell him that knocking people over is not very nice?" I asked.

"I'll make sure to tell her," he replied, winking and walking away.

I smiled to myself, deciding just to take all three, and going back to Shaunee. We pulled on the rode, "Shaunee what the hell are you doing there's a car right there!" I shrieked at her. The car swerved, and ended up hitting us, but it only skimmed us.

"I'm driving what's it look like!?" she screamed back.

"Well you just caused an accident," I said, looking back to see the car had gone into a ditch, hitting a telephone pole head on. "Shaunee you need to pull over," I told her, she was really scaring me now. She sped up, "Shaunee, please!" I begged. There was a red light up ahead, she ran right thru, "SHAUNEE!"

Everything went black.