She is speechless behind her roaring thoughts.

She is breathless, seized by buffets of wind.

Her heart pounds.

A runaway metronome.

Thunder, a monstrous serpent crashing through trees.

Freight barreling over towering mountains.



Now this falcon soars right.

Now this moth flitters left.

Now she spins.

She cannot see.

She cannot breathe.

Her veins are alight with the flurry of motion.

Now tension seizes her lungs.

Now venom races through her mind.

She opens her mouth.

There is nothing.

Now black sand.

An avalanche.

Pours out from her throat.

She is suffocating.

She coughs.

She sputters.

There are tides in her eyes.

The salt stings her cracked lips.

She is a volcano.

A being that blots out all existence.

Now she is a dot.

She turns blue, she cannot breathe!

She screams inwardly.

Sucking in defiantly.

Gasping for oxygen in vain.

Her brain is only sparks.

They hiss.

They crack.

They destroy.

She is gone.