Your feelings are as true for me

As any rebel's sin.

A love like this was meant to be,

Yet colored from within.

The sky, the stars, the moon I gave,

And soon you had them all.

I tried from you your soul to save,

And so I wait in thrall.

Your vanity may hold some truth;

A child you are not.

Yet tapped your tongue against your tooth

Has sentenced me to rot.

A tainted heart I stole to thee,

As tainted be it mine.

More stains and scars that now I see

Were gifted me from thine.

Sweet memories of caring hands

That held me through the night,

Betray me through these darker lands;

I whisper calls to light.

An innocent, I held you pure,

Your treachery excused.

The mastery that I endured

For care of you, abused.

A border through my heart you built;

You pinned me to the wall,

So caught between the hold of guilt,

So held by timeless call.

A stitch you stretched in true love's seams

When have you I could not.

So in my head you planted scenes

And mine you were in thought.

But time you froze from mighty throne;

This future did not come.

So then revealed, your true light shone,

And thus we reached the sum.

A heart I gave, a heart to hold,

A heart that you could break.

For love my shredded heart was sold,

And thus I did forsake.