teach me how to be your lover,

teach me how to lie.

teach me how to live without you,

cause it's time we said goodbye.

i said three words to end it all,

and no, they weren't "i love you."

i cried myself to sleep at night,

cause i knew it all had changed.

didn't think we'd ever be,

and it won't ever be alright.

i've lost you to the sands of time,

i've lost your heart to crime.

i've lost myself, but only part,

so teach me how to live.

oh i know far too well,

but teach me once again,

my love,

to live without you in my life.

yeah, teach me, oh lover,

teach me, oh lover of mine.

my heart is ripped and so i go,

hear the dripping platelets just for show.

and everything that's everywhere

is turning shades of red.

crimson drops are in the sky

and they suffocate my lungs and ears,

can't hear anything you've said.

don't believe your words,

as if they ever spoke.

tell me you miss me,

if you dare say it's true.

tell me you care,

after all we've been through.

i know too well,

to spread my own wings.

i know too well,

to live without you.

but teach me once more,

oh lover of mine.

i can't hear your words,

through filters of doubt.

i know they are lies:

(what you can't bear to utter

you can't say holds true)

yes, i know they are lies.

so teach me to live,

oh lover of mine.

yeah, teach me, oh lover,

teach me to live without you.