and I just want to be there with you

visiting the past that replays in my mind

smilin' sweetly at the world as it passed us by

sittin' in each other's arms

knowin' I could live life with a taste of the clouds

gracing me from heaven as I earned God's trust

knowing I could have perfection

that I wasn't condemned

but you've left me falling now

as perfection crashes down

bidding me to trust temptation

as she drowns me in a sea of unspoken hesitations

as she grips my heart and she steals my mind

leaving me no choice but to cut and run

or else try to tread till you bring me down

singing as we sink of making it through

singing as we sink of maybe lovin' me too

singing as we sink when you know it's untrue

and it's not like I know what's going on

you smiled at me once and you melted my heart

frozen from cold glares that had torn it apart

you giggled at me once and you set me free

thinkin' just for once this was meant to be

and it's shame on you for playin' me once

and it's shame on me for playin' the game

thinkin' you could be my own rock star

thinkin' I could breathe when it got too deep

and it's shame on you for playin' me once

and it's shame on me for callin' them all

sayin' "let's make this work"

and "I wanna be played"

and "I wanna be fooled"

"just so long as it's you who thinks I should"

till my heart's sittin' broken

speared on a shard of glass

so now I'm treadin' lightly to

save myself from your past

and the radio plays yet another sweet song

screamin' of misery and what turns me on

is the thought of having you once more in my arms

till you drift away...