and the truth comes out

eclipsing all once-believed appeals

the lies turn to ghosts

they evaporate, escaping through

my desperate, grasping fingers

"I've hated you since day one"

and finally, FINALLY, it's out in the open

I was blind, and I was a fool

I sought solace in the viper's cage

and now I stumble about,

searching for an antidote

Betrayal is a sin, I'm sure

Betrayal is evil

Betrayal is leaving loyalty behind

Betrayal is the only thing that leaves a lasting impression

"Do you want the unburied truth?

"Should I reveal to you the true source of unrest?

"It never worked, and so it never will again.

"Finally things are going smoothly again."

Betrayal is going down on your knees

Betrayal is walking around humbled for months

Betrayal is the reason it's okay to hate

Betrayal is the crime I committed

Betrayal is what gave me empathy for the villain of any story because

Betrayal is never really just that

Betrayal is what sharpens my resolve like a bed of thorns

Betrayal is what raises me above and makes me search for something to believe in

Betrayal is shades of gray so steep you'll never comprehend my definition

Betrayal is what makes me ask if it was you or me who was betrayed

Betrayal is as much a thought as an act

Betrayal is misjudging the world and mostly the one thing I thought I could count on

Betrayal is what threatens to overwhelm the corners of my eyes.

at least I can finally see

the true definition of betrayal

at least I hold to this one truth:

that all other truths disappear behind a veil

at least I hold to this one truth:

I was the condemned, sentenced to die

for plotting my own murder.

Betrayal is what keeps me up at night

Betrayal is what brought us here today

Betrayal is what keeps you in your corner of the world, and what keeps me lying here alone

Betrayal is what drains my life's blood from my veins because

Betrayal is the knife as corporeal as the one that now fades from my view

as the last thing I'll ever see, and what reminds me of you.