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The Only Exception

Chapter 8

Custodial Session

"There's a time and place for everything."

Austin pulls into the parking lot of our school ten minutes late and honestly I'm pissed off. "You drive like my fucking grandma." I complain getting out of the car making sure to slam his precious little car door.

The parking lot has pretty much cleared except a few stragglers. I'm never late for school I mean like ever. Oh would you stop complaining. Great you would choose this moment to start fucking with me. It's not my fault you're an easy target. Fuck off.

"Chill out." Is all Austin says before walking ahead of me like I'm not even relevant. You're not. I just ignore my conscience and fix the strap of my backpack on my shoulder. The cold air conditioner hits me as I walk through the main doors of my school and I can't stop the shiver that runs through my body.

"What can I help you with?" The office clerk asks me as I walk up to the desk in the main office.

"I need a tardy slip." I say fidgeting with my hair. Riley comes and stands next to me telling the clerk that she needs one as well. I'm guessing Austin already got his because when I walked into the office he wasn't in here.

"Reason for being tardy?" She asks the both of us as she's writing on a yellow slip.

"Our ride came late." I don't really get the point of this but I guess it's mandatory.


"Riley and Dylan Curran." I say for the both of us and for some reason unknown to me she gave us a funny look but I just shrug it off.

"Here, y'all don't make this a habit okay?" She hands us our slips and I respond with a 'sure' before we walk out of the office and into the hallway. I spot Cortez by a water fountain talking to some girl.

"There goes Cortez, I'll catch up with you later Riles." I say giving her a quick hug. "Okay, tell him I said hi." She smiles at me before walking off. I know she likes Cortez but Riley isn't going to give in that easy, he's definitely got a long road ahead of him if he really does like her.

I walk behind Cortez and grabbed his ass causing him to jump. "Cortez babe." I smile when he turns towards me.

"Hey sexy," He says picking me up in a spin making me laugh before sitting me back down on my feet. "Why are you so late?"

"I could ask you the same thing," I say as he wraps his arm around my shoulders and starts heading towards our mutual classroom completely ignoring the girl he was talking to. "But Austin decided that he wanted to take his stupid little time driving."

He laughs and I give him the evil eye and that shuts him up quickly as we walked into our first period class. All eyes turns towards us and I roll my eyes, I hate attention. "Mr. Cortez, Ms. Curran, nice of you all to finally join us." Our teacher says with a bit of an attitude.

"Our pleasure." Responds Cortez smirking at the teacher and I laugh before handing him my tardy slip, heading towards our seats in the back of the class. Cortez is such an awesome guy. No shit Sherlock that's why he's our best friend. I'm ignoring your stupid ass. I'm you, you cunt. Touché.

"Anyway now that the interruptions are over turn your books to page seventy nine." The teacher says as Cortez and I took our respective desks.


"So what are we doing this weekend?" Cortez asks me during lunch later today. The usual clan is here doing their own thing as usual.

"Having hot dirty sex in my car?" I smirk at Cortez and everyone else turns their heads towards me, I noticed that Austin gives me a funny look before turning away. What's his deal?

"I'm down," Cortez winks at me before continuing. "Only if my baby Riley is okay with it." Whipped.

"Alejandro, who you stick your penis in doesn't concern me." Riley in an apathetic tone.

"What if it's you I'm sticking it in?" Cortez rebutts and the entire table 'ooooo's'. Are we in seventh grade? You might be, Riley was always the smart one. Lalalalalala I don't hear you.

"You wish." She rolls her eyes before turning back to Austin effectively ending the spat. Austin is Riley's version of Cortez except they've never hooked up and Austin isn't as cool as Cortez. How would you know? You never gave the guy a chance. Of course I have, several times. I'm not talking about how many time you let him have sex with you. I know what you're talking about asshole and yes I have. No you haven't. Suck it. Nope, that's your job! I sigh internally; I'll never win this internal battle with my conscience.

"So who was that girl you were talking to earlier?" I turn to Cortez and ask. He looks up from his cell phone confused before he realizes what I'm talking about.

"Oh no one, just some girl who wants another hook-up," He smirks before continuing. "You know, I puts in work." I can't help but laugh at his cockiness. The boy is telling the truth though, he definitely knows his way around the bedroom.

"Yeh, I guess you do." He smirks even more at this and I push his shoulder. I can feel someone's eyes boring into the back of my head so I turn around and notice Austin staring at me once again. I raise my eyebrow in a questioning manner but he just looks away again. Fucking creep.

"Loverboy looks jealous." Cortez says taking a bite of his French fry.

My face contorts into one of confusion. "Austin? I doubt it, he's probably sending me death rays because I slammed his card door super hard this morning." I shrug.

"If you say so chica." He laughs before gathering my tray and his and taking it to the garbage bin just as the bell rings signaling the end of our lunch.

"I'll see you later, Alejandro." I smile as he sighs in frustration at me calling him by his real name.

I walk out of the cafeteria and head for my Spanish class that doesn't have any of my close friends in it. Before I reach the classroom someone grabs my arm and yanks me into a dark empty janitor's closet. Naturally my first instinct is to freak out and yell for help like in those horror movies but someone's hand is currently covering my mouth so that it's impossible to talk. Oh no! We're going to die! Shut the fuck up, you're not helping.

"Chill the fuck out, it's me." Comes Austin's voice as he pulls on a string that turns the light on.

"Let go of my mouth." I try to say but it comes out as gibberish, I think he gets the point though because he removes his hand. "What the fuck are you doing?" My fear has subsided and became replace with anger.

"What does it look like I'm doing?" He smirks at me. He's so annoying... and hot.

"Getting on my nerve as usual." I roll my eyes before trying to push past him but I guess he's expecting it because he quickly pins me against the back of the door.

"You sure about that?" he asks as he maneuvers his knee in between my legs applying pressure to my crotch area. I stifle the moan that begs to pass my lips.

"Yes." I reply shortly not trusting my voice. He leans down and sucks my earlobe into mouth and this time the moans reaches its destinations and fills the quiet space. Little needles of excitement and arousal prick my skin all over.

His hand comes up and cups my right breast through my thin shirt causing my back to arch into his touch. His knee begins to apply pressure in a circular motion making my breath come out ragged. He moves his mouth to my neck gently sucking and nibbling and driving me crazy all at once.

"Austin." I try to say in a clear voice, it's hard but I manage. He doesn't respond though at least not verbally but he begins to suck harder on my neck. "Austin we're in the janitor's closet." I squeak out.

"So?" he mumbles into my neck, not missing a beat. He replaces his leg with his crotch and begins to grind into me.

"We might get ahh fuck... Caught." I half say half moan. He silences me with his lips clearly letting me know that he doesn't care and that he's in control. He grinds into me again and I moan into his mouth as his tongue continues to caress mines. I lose control and before I know what I'm doing I'm unbuttoning his pants, this is all the incentive he needs because in what seems like one quick motion he removes my shorts and panties at the same time.

I pull down his pants and underwear and once again in my lust filled state before I even register what I'm doing I've gotten on my knees and I'm taking his well endowed penis into my mouth. "Fuck Dylan." he groans as my mouth begins its assault on his member making sure that I twirl my tongue around the shaft of his penis.

"I don't understand how someone so annoying can be so sexy." He says and I laugh causing vibrations in my mouth making him buck his hips even deeper into my mouth. He pulls me up and settles my legs around his waist pinning me between his body and the door.

"Do you have a condom?" I just about moan out because his very erect penis is torturously rubbing against my incredibly aroused clitoris. He swears under his breath as he let me go so that he can check his pants pocket. I can tell from the frustration on his face that he came up blank.

"Well I guess that's it then." he smirks at me as he grabs his underwear.

"It doesn't have to be." I smirk at him and he looks at me quizzically. "I'm on birth control dumbass, although you might be riddled with STD's."

He laughs before responding, "Well you just gave me head so..."

"Touché." I can tell that by the look on his face that'll be the end of our conversation because before I know it he's kissing me again and my legs are back wrapped around his waist. He places the head of his penis at my entrance and my breath hitches. I moan as he slides into me slowly.

"Fuck." He breathes as he starts a steady pace moving in and out of me. I grip the door handle as he starts to nibble and suck on my bottom lip, that always drives me wild. He pumps into me harder and I can barely contain my moans so he covers my mouth with his smothering my moans. I slip my hand between us and start to massage my clitoris but he quickly pushes my hand away and replaces it with his own giving me a whole new sensation.

"mmm... Fuck. Austin, faster." I'm barely able to speak at the moment but somehow my mouth forms these words. Austin speeds up his pace and I can feel my walls begin to tighten; it won't be long before I become completely undone.

"Look at me." Austin instructs and I open my eyes meeting his. The look in his eyes- want, lust, desire- only drives me closer, then he whispers in my ear 'Let go' and I'm a complete goner. My body shakes as my orgasm rips through me. if Austin wasn't supporting my weight I would fall because my legs are jelly.

My orgasm sends Austin over the edge and I feel his penis tighten before spilling his load inside of me. We stay that way for a few minutes trying to catch our breaths and revel in that after sex euphoria but the bell rings signaling the end of our fun. He pulls out and places me on my feet.

"Well that was fun." I chuckle and he just smirks before going to pull on his clothes. I pull on my panties and other articles of clothing.

"See you later." I say to him before spinning on my heels and just as I'm about to turn the knob he grabs my arm and pulls me back to him. He kisses me full on, completely taking my breath away, and when he pulls back I'm a little dazed. "What was that for?"

He shrugs, then laughs before saying, "See you later." he walks around me and leaves the janitor's closet effectively leaving me a little confused. What the hell was that? Shit just got real.

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