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It was just another ordinary day at school, same old teachers, same old students, same old routine over and over again. I was currently sitting in gym class sitting on the bleachers like I normally do, (I'm not very athletic) listening to my gym teacher yelling at me for not participating. I didn't care, I wouldn't ever need to be 'in shape' in my entire life, I wanted to be an artist when I got older.

Gym class in my opinion was the most pointless class in history.

"…The consequences for this are suspension."

Tch, yeah, cant call my parents cause they're dead. To me at least, see I told them I'm bisexual and they totally flipped out. Oh well, I moved out six months ago so they couldn't really do anything to me. So I just nodded and went back to drawing. I stayed like this for the rest of the period, after gym was over I had French class (A/N j'adore le Fracias) which I sat by my best friend. She was bouncing in her seat which told me she had had chocolate recently. I sighed, this was going to be a long class period.

FILLER ALERT! (a/n nothing vital happens in this chapter but you get to know the characters a lot better.)

I sat down in my seat and not two seconds later I was in a fully blown migraine, listening to her go on and on about some yaoi she read where these aliens kidnap and rape these boys. (A/n this story is called love farm if your interested)Now don't get me wrong I love Katie to death but she can drive anyone insane. It was time to ask the question.

"How much chocolate have you had?"

She was still bouncing in her seat "About two crunch bars and a king sized twix."

Oh gods. Chocolate AND caramel, please gods smite me now.

Lucky for me she was forced to behave normal, well, normal for Katie, when out teacher walked in. I heard about four words then fell asleep.

I was woken up by the sound of the bell ringing, signaling that school was over. I was literally dragged out of my seat by my shirt and thrown into the hallway, she was by my side still talking. Gah she was annoying. While we were walking we received a lot of stares. I couldn't blame them, we were two very different people. I was about 'five foot five' with brown hair that shown red in the sunlight, I was pale skinned with brown eyes that had flakes of honey color in them, everyone thought that was freaky, even Katie was creped out by them. That's why I always wore sunglasses. I had a few freckles, on my cheeks and my nose. I was lean but not well muscled.

Katie stood at almost six feet. Had straight blond hair, and blue eyes, she had a lot of muscle to her but it didn't show, a gorgeous tan and had just about every straight guy in the school after her.


We said our goodbyes in the school parking lot as I got into my car and drove off. I turned into the Goth club about five miles from the school. Only in L.A. would that happen. I jumped out of the car and switched it off. I almost felt like calling in sick today but I needed the money. This particular club was dark on the inside of course with a silver disco ball atop the ceiling, the chairs were mostly made with dark wood with red and purple velvet seating. The tables were skull shaped adding to the club's uniqueness. The walls were black with gold lining that formed an intricate weave all around. It was like my second home it was so familiar. I went into the back changing room where I got into my uniform and met up with Samantha and her girlfriend Jessica. Yes they're gay, get over yourselves. The uniforms we wore matched the walls. They looked good on them; mine just made me look like a slut. I didn't care, that's why I still worked here. Of course, they loved their uniforms. They liked to show off. I hurried out of there and started taking orders. (A/N he's a waiter) I was in the middle of returning from giving drinks to table seven when I heard a loud shriek "Kitty honey how are you?" looks like Jessica finally noticed me.

"Don't call me kitty, my name is kalik." (A/n I couldn't think of a name okay?)

"Yeah but if you add on "o" sound to the end of it it sounds like 'Calico' and that's a cat."

I really hated my parents for my name.

"But there is no "o" so don't call me that."

I heard a call from over my shoulder.

"Hey kitty come over here for a minute." I groaned, now my manager was calling me kitty. When will it end?

"Coming!" I hurried out of the way of the kitty lovers and over to my manager.

"You all right kid, you don't seem to be feeling well. Why don't you go home, im sure sam could cover for ya." I wasn't in the mood to argue tih that, I changed back out of my uniform, clocked out and started heading home.

My house was in a remote corner of Los Angeles, or well apartment I should say. Couldn't really afford a house. I turned the lock and slipped inside. My apartment was decorated vibrantly with bright colors, like a rainbow through up in here, but hey, I liked it. I threw my bag down on my chair and went into the kitchen to make a snack. I decided on ritz crackers and canned cheese. After my snack I went out on my balcony with my copy of "old yeller" and started reading. The wind picked up though and made my pages turn on their own. After a few minutes of struggling I gave up and put the book down and just sat there for a few more moments, watching the final rays of the sunset. When I heard a noise, like the scratching of something against a brick, I turned my head towards the noise and just waited, I tried to move, I really did, after a few more moments it stopped. That broke me out of my trance, I walked to the edge of my balcony and looked down, there was nothing there. I shook my head, silently scolding myself. I turned around and stared into eyes so deep a blue that they put the ocean to shame.

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