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To say I was stunned would be the understatement of the century. I could think of only one thing to say. What. The. Fuck!? Of course I didn't say this, that would've been rude. And would've hurt his feelings as well. But there were no self-rules about thinking it.

I sighed and shook my head trying to clear it, I had promised him I would have an open mind and that is what I am going to do. He took my hand and led me to a rock where I could sit down.

"I honestly have no idea where to start from." He said sheepishly. Awe, he looked so adorable when he was embarrassed…I think I've said that before but hey, it's true.

"Just start from the point you are most comfortable." I told him.


Flashback (also after the flashback I will have to put it in third person so you know who is speaking.)

Ah, today was August twenty fifth nineteen ten. Also known as my twentieth birthday. Yay, I'm finally legal to have sex now.

…Not that I'm a virgin. Hehehe.

Shh…don't tell anyone.

Anyway my plan for the day was to clean my house until it sparkles. Then go to the local gay bar (A/N yes I know that gay bars weren't invented or created yet, it flows with the story, don't send me any pm's about this I wont read them!)

To get as drunk as I could and get laid as much as I could. Ok! Now to try out my new dust mop! EEEHHH! (Neat freak just to let u know, also sorry for all the authors notes.)

I got the mop from its rack over my fireplace. "Hello my friend ready to go?" I was in such a euphoric mood I forgot it was an inanimate object and I actually expected an answer from it. When I realized it would not answer me I went to work dusting and wiping almost everything in sight. My bookcase, my closet, my desk, my dresser to name a few. However all this took most of the day, seeing as it was about eight o'clock when I finally finished I rinsed off the rag that I cleaned with and put it back on the rack. Then I headed out towards the bar. It was I nicely sized place with fluorescent lights everywhere. Due to these light the bar had a multitude of shiny colors arranging from hot pink to a nice sky blue. It also had the bars appearance to look unordinary shiny. On the inside it was very dark, with multi disk disco balls that flashed colors around everything. And they had it at such places that no one could escape the lights… not that anyone ever wanted to. Cause that would defeat the purpose of coming here. Hmm…was I in the mood to be seme or uke? Hmmm… decisions decisions. While I was debating that I felt a hand slide down and wrap around my waist and I felt someone's head on my neck were the head and shoulder meet.

"Hello beautiful what is someone like you doing in a place such as this?" Ok uke it was. I turned as much as I could without letting him leave his comfy position. He had long red hair and a killer tan. I wish I could have a tan, I was really pale. And he had the most beautiful blue eyes. (Guess who? Lol)

I tried to be as smooth as I could. "I've been here for some time, where have you been?"

He chuckled. "Very nice…however do you think you can take me?"

Hell no, he was much more dominant than I was. But he couldn't know that.

"Maybe I can, maybe I cant, there's only one way to find out."

He took my hand and walked into one of the back rooms.

LEMON ALERT! Young viewers please look away and scroll down until you see the sign that says end lemon. :3

He moved me into the room so fast it left me breathless. How many other guys has he done this to exactly? He wasted no time picking me up and throwing me on the bed. He then proceeded to climb on top of me and straddled my waist. "Don't tell me you've already given up, that wouldn't be any fun…" I smiled innocently and leaned up to kiss him. He tasted like honey and chocolate. It was divine. He moaned into the kiss and that's when I flipped us over so I was on top. Before he could do anything I quickly started undoing the buttons on his shirt, he caught my wrists in one of his giant hands and tsk'd at me. "Clever, but I will make sure that you are the first one undressed." He rolled us back over so he was above me again and started pulling my pants down…hey, he had an unfair advantage. Seeing as I knew I was going to have sex tonight I wasn't wearing anything under my pants. He noticed this and slowed down, until he wasn't pulling them down anymore and was just tracing invisible circles around my navel and down to my cock. Without ever touching my cock mind you. It was highly annoying. I expressed my displeasure by thrusting into his calloused hand. The bastard laughed at me. "Oh no puppy, I intend to play with you for a long while. Hmm, still, I believe you've learned your lesson, so I think I'll reward you with some small increment of what you will soon receive." He finally started stroking me and I swooned from it. He slowly moved his hand up and down my shaft in a way I had never felt before. He leaned down and gave me a kiss that held so much passion it took my breath away. I didn't notice that my pants along with my socks and shoes. All that was left of my clothes on my body was my shirt. Determined to not lose that horribly I reached out and undid the last few buttons on his shirt and slid it off him, I don't think he noticed. Hmm, maybe there was hope for me winning after all, I noticed he slipped of his socks and shoes at some point, perfect, all he had left on him was his pants. I reached in between his pants and boxers and started massaging him through his boxers. Holy crap he was huge! He let out a moan that made me shiver as I continued my ministrations. I slowly started slipping his pants off but his hands grabbed mine. I started moving my hand in more pleasing patterns and he dropped my hands. I then slipped his pants all the way off and then his boxers followed. Feeling victorious, I decided to make it know. I leaned in close to his ear and whispered, "Ha, I win." That broke him out of his trance and he looked down at his body, shocked, he looked up and saw my victorious smirk. Then his face twisted into a smile, "Well well you're a real keeper." He then ripped my shirt off like it was nothing. "Now were even." I pouted. "I still win." I stated matter of factly. His smile grew wider. "Perhaps. But I will make sure that you are the one who comes first." And how did he suppose to do that. He kissed me again and I thought it was a distraction so he could prep me. however I heard a distinct click above me. I looked up to see my hands in a pair of handcuffs wrapped around one of the bedposts. Shocked I looked down to see Vexin's somewhat sadistic smirk. "Awe, puppy wasn't expecting to be punished. Don't worry puppy, I think you'll enjoy your punishment very much." He started slowly sinking down my body until his head was level with my waist and he took the tip of me into his mouth.

I moaned and bucked at the feeling of his tight and wet mouth surrounding me. however with my hands chained to the bed I couldn't move much so bucking was pretty much useless. He looked at me and stopped moving. That cruel sick bastard! He was just holding me in his mouth not doing anything! I whined and complained and he just laughed. He laughed at me! How dare he. I started moving and bucking my body in erratic patterns. He moaned and started moving again. Finally. I leaned my head back and let him do his thing with my thing. Hehe pun. I didn't feel him inside me until three of his fingers were in and he started moving them three different directions. I suppressed a whimper, like I said I wasn't a virgin so it didn't hurt that much. I heard him spit into his hand and I assumed he was lubing himself up. He leaned forward. "Do you think your ready?" I nodded, eager to experience all he had to offer. He pulled his hand out and in one thrust he filled me. I let out a silent scream as he began mercilessly pounding himself into of me. He picked up one of my legs and threw it over his shoulder. Then he leaned forward and whispered to me, "I win." I looked down again to see I had cummed all over him and myself. Oh well. He then hit a spot inside me and I saw stars. I heard screaming from somewhere and then realized it was coming from me. He continued thrusting into that one spot before he came inside of me. He stayed there for a little while before he pulled out of me. he collapsed by the edge of the bed. That was great. Cant wait to make you mine. I didn't understand what he meant until I saw something flash in his hand. And that's when it happened…

End Flashback and lemon scene.

Of course Charles didn't go into the more explicit details of their encounter. He did however tell him they had sex and he finished with the last line. "well?" Kalik asked. "What did he do?" Charles smiled sadly. "He killed me."