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(If I don't heal you now, you will die, the voice spoke again.

Yes! I replied. Please.)

Chapter 9: Some Understanding

Immediately, I felt warmth coat my body and, even with my eyes shut, I saw red – a deep dark red. The warmth faded very quickly and I opened my eyes, gasping in long deep breaths.

"Are you okay?" Luke asked at my side.

I nodded in response and slowly sat up. My side was completely healed and I sighed in relief at the lack of pain. "Thank you," I said, looking at the dragon.

It bowed its head slightly in response before moving quickly over to Fred who was hunched up further away from me covering his ears with his hands.

"The second round of screeching affected him more because the creature was so much closer to him," Gretta answered as I wondered what was wrong.

I quickly shielded my thoughts, now that I could actually speak. "The dragon should be able to help him."

Gretta nodded and made her way over to Fred to see what was happening. I got up, with the help of Luke, and followed her.

The dragon was standing motionless with its foot slightly brushing up against Fred's body. Fred, however, was still curled up on the floor and didn't seem to be responding at all to the dragon's healing.

"What's wrong?" Jarryd asked, looking up from Luke to the dragon.

The dragon lowered its head to touch Jarryd's and after a while Jarryd nodded his head in response.

"What?!" asked Kyle, eager to know what was going on.

"The dragon needs him to give it permission to heal him," he replied, sighing. "You know when you hear a really loud noise and then for a while afterwards you can't hear anything besides that noise?" he continued. "Fred can't hear it so he can't agree to the healing."

The dragon leant forward again to touch Jarryd and after a while, Jarryd blushed.

"What now?" Kyle asked.

"She says that she's a she and her name is Myriimwer," he said quietly, embarrassed. "But we can call her Myriim," he added.

Kyle laughed out loud causing Myriim's fur to bristle and she quickly sprung on him, her fur quickly changing to black.

"S-sorry," he managed to get out, pinned underneath her.

"No," he said. He obviously didn't realise that she could hear his thoughts. "I think it's a lovely name."

"I was laughing at Jarryd," he continued after a while. It was like listening to one side of a telephone conversation. "He didn't realise that you were..." he paused before correcting himself, "...are a she."

He gulped while Myriim slowly climbed off him, her fur returning to the colour blue. She walked back over to Fred.

Tyra followed her, sending a kick to her brother on the way. I laughed silently and followed her as well, leaving Luke to help Kyle up.

Once we were all gathered around Fred, I decided to voice a question that had been swimming around my head for a while.

"What now?"

Gretta turned to me. "Good question," she replied. "But I still want to know what has happened up till now."

"What do you mean?" Jarryd asked.

"How did we all end up getting here and how come we all have some sort of power?" She turned to Myriim. "I'm sure I've seen you before," she said. "What is going on?"

Myriim turned and stretched out her tail so that it lay in a line in between all of us. After a moment of us just staring at it and wondering when she was going to answer the question, she puffed a plume of smoke and shook her tail making it touch each of us in turn.

Touch my tail and listen, she said.

"Oh!" Kyle exclaimed. "Why didn't you..." he stopped as Tyra gave him a look reminding him of the last time he did something to anger Myriim.

I leaned my head on Myriim's tail and immediately I heard her begin the story. She wasn't very patient.

This is a long story and we can't stay here for very long, she began, answering my comment. I blushed.

I brought you here because your lives were in danger.

I heard the others' thoughts as they all wondered what the danger was.

There are other dragons and their riders who don't want you around.

Please explain what is going on, Kyle pleaded.

There was a pause before the Myriim began again. Dragons have been around for just as long as humans have. I don't know where we came from, just as you don't know where you originally came from. And as long as there were dragons there have been riders for the dragons.

So there are people who know about dragons? Where do the dragons stay? Gretta asked this time.

Yes, only riders know about dragons and now you as well. As for your other question, I cannot give that away just yet. As I was saying, traditionally, only male dragons had riders and the females hatched eggs and protected sacred sites. Recently, though...

Recently?! Kyle interrupted her. I was also shocked, because with her words came various images. When she'd said recently, she'd given the image of about five hundred years.

Dragons live for about ten times your lifespan, she said in response. The floor trembled slightly and a rush of warm air blew up the tunnel.

We need to leave, Myriim said, carefully removing her tail from beneath our heads and getting up.

"Why?" Kyle asked. "I want to hear the rest of the story."

Another gust of war air made its way up the tunnel, this time quite a bit warmer.

Put the deaf one on my back, she ordered Kyle, ignoring his question.

Sighing in frustration, he helped Fred up and then we all headed back up the tunnel.

Why are we in such a hurry? I asked Myriim, putting my hand on her side.

It is dangerous here, she replied. More warm air swept up the tunnel. Get the one who can take away senses.

Reluctantly, I moved away from her to locate Jarryd. He was on the other side of her and I quickly told him that Myriim wanted to speak to him.

After a short discussion with Myriim, he came back to me.

"I need to take away your hearing again," he said. "Apparently there are going to be more screeching things."

That must've been why there was so much warm air heading our way. The fiery beasts were coming. I nodded my head and Jarryd swiftly removed my sense of hearing before going to everyone else and doing the same.

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