Sat. May 22

"Freestyle Cage Fighting

Sat. May 22"

Was on a sign outside the

community recreation hall

this morning when I was

driving to my doctor's


I saw the crowds of mullets,

the ripped jeans exposing

too many butt-cracks,

and the seas of crushed beer

cans, the kind that was on

sale, a 6-pack for 10 dollars.

I could smell the wall of

body odour, the smell of

the spray on tans from the

girls wearing clothes that

are two sizes too small who

hang off the steroid-induced

biceps of guys wearing Ed

Hardy t-shirts, and the

sweet smoke of marijuana.

I heard the rounds of jeers

and yells overpowering the

crack of a cheek bone being

met by a knee cap inside

a chain link cage, and I knew

what I would be doing on

Saturday May 22.