My Perfect Boyfriend

Under the light of a single dying light bulb, squinting through dirty glasses,

I screw a strong jaw-line to a perfectly symmetrical face, polish the bright

and soulful eyes, oil the muscular knee-joints, wipe the grease from the lean

biceps. I dust off the just-the-right-length toes, manoeuvre the gentle hands,

paint on a dangerous five-o-clock-shadow, and glue on each individual soft

strand of light brown hair. I use the back of a screwdriver to dent a charming

dimple on the left cheek and a slender sand-dune brown coloured pencil to

draw expressive eyebrows and a spray of freckles across the bridge of the

nose. Rubbing my tired eyes, I open the top of the head. I wire in compassion

mixed with honesty, I weld a good sense of humour to the right prefrontal cortex,

and using a soldering gun I fuse respect and loyalty to the fibres of the nervous

system. I nail in a knack for finding the perfect birthday presents, manners

to impress mothers and a firm handshake to win over protective fathers.

I dust off the make-shift larynx to assure a deep and sultry voice to serenade

moonlit windows. I braze the final pieces and look upon my work. I pull my

worn gloves off my aching fingers and place them on the table. The adrenaline

of completing my task overpowers the exhaustion as I lean over the face of

the perfect specimen. I place my lips on the Start-Up button and sparks fly

from our mouths. I step backwards and watch the electricity course through

the body opposite mine. It sits up and blinks its eyes a few times before turning

its flawless head towards me. It opens its mouth and a throaty masculine voice

leaps forth in a proclamation of everlasting love. I smile as he turns his body

and steps off the bench. We reach out our arms to each other, perfect soul mates,

and he steps towards me. The toned leg extends out and with a snap breaks off

at the hip joint. In a slow-dance with gravity, the faultless structure drops to

the floor of my laboratory, ending in a perfect heap, arms and legs entwined

with the ground in a loving embrace meant for me.