He was a shining star

Beautiful and bright

He could like up the night sky

Around other stars he created patterns and extraordinary stories

One night he caught a glimpse of a rare moon

From that moment on he dedicated his long star life to finding that moon.

He shot all over the night sky and rested when the sun came out

He shot for a billion years and never found that moon

Do you know what happens when a star dies?

It turns into a black hole

That star, bitter from poisoned love, became a black hole

That black hole sucked the light from everyone around him

And one day, the black hole came across a little star with a lot of light

That little star reminded the black hole of himself when he was a shining star.

That little star had enough light in him to share, and when he did, the black hole lit up inside

The black hole was born again; his light was small, but lasting.

Everyone has light inside of him

Everyone has darkness inside of him

Which will you share?