We sit here.

Slight ginger curls against my straight blond hair.

Brown and blue eyes

closed against the sun.

I lean over

we speak.

We sit here.

Heads together.

Hearts pounding, thumping.

We know each other's thoughts.

We sit here.

My head on your shoulder

Your head on mine.

Eyes closing.

Soft voices conversing.

We lean on the bench.

Warmth emanating from both

our shoulders together.

Our fingers twine together,

taking the other's hand.

I'm not

Scared this time.

The same inhuman command,

tolls later this time.

Neither wish to depart.

Ginger hair by mine,

brown and blue eyes sparkling,

as we are together.

A/N: Sequel to 'Sitting'.

Yeah... I'm pretty happy right now. :3

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