I was never the kind of girl to cause much trouble. I had okay grades in school, my best friends were the coolest people I knew and I didn't act out to impress people. I didn't have any enemies- well, that I knew of. I wasn't the most popular girl in school, nor was I the prettiest. Just generally your everyday girl. Nothing too special.

And yet, here I was, smashing my fist into some jock's face. This would lead to yet another detention with my two best friends and at the rate we're heading, we'll be receiving our diplomas in the dirty little detention room. I guess I can't really complain. It's better than pretending to clean up the school in those hideously loud orange vests they make you wear.

But back to my story. And since I'm pretty sure you're wondering what's driven an average person, like myself, to the point of jock-bashing, we'll start from the beginning.

It was another average Tuesday at my very average high school and I'd just endured my extremely average third class of the day. Notice the pattern yet?

Anyway, I was heading for my locker to meet up with my not so average best friends, Alex and Aaron, as we always did during our lunch hour. Halfway there I was greeted by a redhead around my height with beautiful hazel-green eyes and a dazzling smile. This pale, beauty was known as my best friend, Alex Porter. She was the more 'fashionably aware' one in our little group, as she liked to put it. In layman's terms, she was the girly one but I wouldn't mistake her fashion sense as weakness. This girl isn't afraid of messing up her manicure to deliver an ass kicking.

"Hey Aidan, how was Spencer's class?" she asked.

My response was my trademark blank stare. I hated that devil woman-teacher.

"The usual, eh?" she rolled her eyes.

"She should really consider getting that stick out of her ass." Said a deep, masculine voice behind me. I felt strong arms wrap around my waist and my feet left the ground. I recognized this greeting to be from my other best friend, Aaron Lucas.

I know what you're thinking. Yes, all of our names start with the letter "A" and yes, our names are androgynous. Brings new meaning to the "A Team", huh?

After being spun around, my feet once again contacted with the ground and I turned to hug my grinning six foot-two tree of a friend. Aaron was like the offspring of a male model and a basketball player. His medium length dark brown hair was cut into a stylish mess of spikes, much like what Stephenie Meyer attempted to do with Edward Cullen, except Aaron pulled it off. His attractive face held some of the most amazing gray eyes I've ever seen. If his tan, dimpled face didn't have most girls-some guys- fantasizing about him, his tall athletic build definitely did. If you couldn't tell by now, I have some really good looking friends. How I was ever categorized with them, I'll never know.

I was five-eight, had light brown skin you could barely call tan, dark green eyes, and my dark brown hair which could almost be red, refused to stay straight for longer than a day. In other words, I was closer to being 'pretty' than 'dazzling'.

Not that I minded. If it meant having to reject less people for dates than Alex, I was completely content with how I looked.

"Could you two stop fondling each other before our table is taken?" asked Alex, rolling her eyes and walking away.

I shared a grin with Aaron before trailing after our redheaded friend. We entered the cafeteria a few minutes later. I reserved our table as Aaron and Alex got our lunches. I was watching my best friends in the lunch line when I noticed a figure heading towards me.

I knew this figure to be Tristan Asher, noted school jock and jackass since he became 'star athlete' of the football team. I guess having your name on a jersey allows you to treat people like shit; it seems to be a fad with the football players. Did I mention that he and Aaron are not exactly on good terms? Why, you may ask? Because Asher likes to think of his girlfriends as his personal toys, giving him the right to throw them aside when he gets bored with them. His latest victim: Aaron's younger sister, Leah.

She's stuck in the bad boy phase, completely unaware of how decent boyfriends are supposed to act in a relationship. It's kind of sad, really.

"So Aidan, when are you going to dump Lucas and go out with me?" Tristan was referring to Aaron.

"When you lose the urge to have sex with anything that walks. I'm betting on never." I said casually, not caring enough to correct him about Aaron and I dating.

He pressed his hand to his heart (surprised to see he knew where it was) and gasped dramatically.

"I'm appalled! You make me out to be some shallow jackass."

I raised my eyebrow and stared at him.

"They don't have to walk."

I shook my head at his smirk. And this is our future, ladies and gentlemen.

I sat quietly, ending our conversation. Only when he pulled out a chair across from me did I speak.

"Uh... What the hell do you think you're doing?" I asked incredulously. If Aaron saw this, that would be the end of Tristan.

"What? Is it illegal to sit here and talk to a friend?" His smirk grew into a grin.

"Well, there's two things I find wrong with that statement. First off, I don't see any of your friends sitting at this table, and secondly, I'm pretty sure the things that Aaron will do to you once he finds you sitting here are illegal in some states."

"It's cute how you assume that I should be scared of him." He said, tapping my nose, grinning wider if that was possible.

I couldn't help but wonder if it would be harder to grin with all of his teeth gone.

I guess I was going to find out soon. In the corner of my eye, I spotted Aaron coming over with Alex in tow.

"Look, you really need to leave. I'm not totally against Aaron kicking your ass, I would actually like to get out of school on time. I know you must be tired of detention." I said, trying to reason with the idiot.

He just leaned back smiling and said,"Let him come. Nothing better to do after school anyway."

God. It's like this guy has an 'off' switch for common sense.

...That or he just really doesn't possess any.

I could already imagine how mind numbing detention would be after school as Aaron finally reached the table.

"What the hell are you doing here, Asher?" Aaron sounded tired and unamused. That's a good sign. "Shouldn't you be injecting steroids into your ass before the game tonight?"

Tristan gave a small laugh and stood up. Even as he smiled, I could see the anger in his eyes.

Aaron set the food tray on the table and I stood up beside him. "Did you know steroids shrink your testicles? I could see how you wouldn't know though. It's not like you could tell the difference. "

Well, there goes my apetite.

"Your sister doesn't seem to be complaining." said Tristan.

I grabbed Aaron's hand before he could form a fist. Alex held his other arm.

I turned to see that not only did the entire cafeteria stop to look in on our little party, but some of Tristan's football buddies were on their way to 'investigate'.

Pfft. Highschool.

I turned back to Aaron and pulled his face towards me to make eye contact.

"Can we please not do this today? I don't know about you but I'd like to not have to explain to my parents why I had detention for the second time this month."

Alex added, "I agree with her. Besides, there are way too many of them and only three of us."

Aaron sighed and gave Tristan one last glare before turning around and heading towards the cafeteria doors.

We were about ten feet away from the exits when I heard Tristan's voice.

"Smart friends you have there, Lucas. I wonder if they lay as good as your sister."

That was all it took.

Aaron dove onto Tristan and before I could really register what had happened, was pounding his fists into Tristan's face. A moment later, one of Tristan's friends came running to help him. The jock never got to. He was too preoccupied with my fist slamming into his face. Taken by surprise, he flew back onto the floor where I straddled his waist and prepared to deliver another blow. I looked up momentarily to see another jock heading my way. He got close enough to grab me but was tackled by Alex before he could.

And, thus, you have it. The very beginning of how I, the slightly average student, became one of the notorious detention-prone troublemakers. Or at least, that's what the principal called us.

I was going to wait for a few responses before I posted this but I thought, hey, what the hell? There wasn't many changes and there kind of won't be throughout the rewrite. I just wanted to thicken out the chapters to make the pacing more realistic. Tell me what you think. Is this a good start or should I just continue on with the original?

Thanks guys!