It was a pretty day, one of those days you just got to wonder 'who made all of this?' its just so perfect! And it was a Friday, wow! That is just amazing two in one, one might say. I had trigonometry and it was hard as beep! But nothing could bring me down, nothing. Oh wait except my teacher Mrs. Bitch. No that wasn't really her name but it should be. She was standing in front of the class when I stepped in and then the bell rang indicating I was in the nick of time, YES! I made it. She was making an announcement but I didn't care I just sat down in my regular seat all the way in the back. My friend Clarissa aka Clair was already sitting in hers on my left one seat up. I put my earbuds on an blasted the volume on my iPod I was hearing Slither by Velvet Revolver. Mrs. Alabaster, ha! what a dumb name, (oh BTW that's her real name) she never has anything interesting to say so I bet she wouldn't mind, see I took her in for consideration, gee I'm so nice.

See Mrs. Alabaster is well your average boring, elderly lady/teacher. that would be fine but she also happens to be a demon so that just messes it up, very badly. Even her wardrobe screams boring or fashion makeover please!, actually if it were to scream it probably say 'kill me, kill me now.' She smelled and not like elderly stench more like 'eewww! Take a shower old lady!' she was a total wreck but that can be due to the fact that her husband left her and she was still depressed but that was what? Like 25 years ago! Its called 'getting over it' I mean its obvious he didn't like you. If I were her I would of just moved along and gone with the other guy but nope that wasn't the situation so what can I do about it, help her? Yeah rite! She was always captain bitch, especially with me but I guess I kind of asked for it when I accidentally told her that 'her hubby left her for her 'not willingness' to put out and her being a prude and all' well ok not an accident at all It was just a bad day and she started it by saying 'Sharon you need serious help, and I don't mean any that the school has to offer' ugh! Shut up! I had problems?! So I was a bit of a rebel you could say but that's as far as it went. She always tries to put me on the spot to embarrass me of course and for those who haven't figure it out yet 'yes she is Out. To. Get. Me.' but its fine I have the same intention in mind .

Well anyways turns out she was introducing the knew kid when I walked in I hadn't really noticed since I was so entranced with the beauty the world had to offer but don't let this confuse you I'm not a tree hugger I was just in a good mood trust me I could care less about trees but today was different, I could tell today was going to be a good day. My music was so loud that I didn't quite hear when Mrs. Bitch decided that it would be fun to call on me, I mean what for? wasn't she introducing the new kid? But that wasn't the thing, the thing was that I couldn't hear her. Yup this was most definitely not going to be a good day, and I had so much hope. But can you blame me? I'm pretty sure half the class wasn't paying attention and also hearing their iPods, maybe not as loud but hearing them either way, but since she loves me out of everyone so much more she just had to pick on me, aww! too bad the feeling wasn't mutual. She had been standing, waiting for me to reply but I was oblivious or maybe I just chose to ignore that creepy feeling you get when someone's watching you, in this case the whole class. Since it looked as if I wasn't going to pay attention any sooner and she was getting angrier, Claire decided to throw me a paper ball.

"Thump" what the hell? I was pissed why would someone throw something at me? I'm serious shit when people decide to do things to me, I get all up in their faces and stuff. But then I realizes it was Claire so the anger soon vanished and was quickly replaced with curiosity. I looked at the paper and opened it up just how she instructed with her wannabe sign language, inside was written

'Mrs. Captain Bitch is going to give you so much shit if you don't look up, pay attention to her, and put your iPod away, plus the new kid is FINE. now…look up!'

And just how the paper had said I looked up. Oooh the wench sure was pissed, I wonder why? Hahahaha just kidding I knew why. And next thing I knew I had giggled, ooops! Hehehe what? Its funny when her old face is all scrunched up and squished like that when she's pissed, getting the picture? Yup! This is definitely the reason why I come to her class and deal with her. And guess what she did? Yup! you guessed it. She screamed at me to get out and gave me a whole week detention just because I was hearing my iPod, told you she was a shrew. And just as I walked out of the class I realized that I hadn't seen the new FINE kid Clair told me about. Oh well maybe next time.

A/N: Hey guys! Well this is my first attempt in writing a fictionpress story, yeah I know it's a little short. sorry. Promise next time it will be longer but please work with me, and I'm in desperate need for reviews and Ideas so anything helps. Hope you liked it : )