Black Lagoon


A/N : This is the SEQUEL to ORMOULU my steam punk pirate adventure, I have been gone for a very long time due to my computer crashing! But I am back! This intro is short for a purpose, I hope to update every two weeks but I work a lot of hours at my job please read and review! As always.

They were far away from any home ever known to any of them, far back in a cave, hiding from a wretched storm. All exhausted, out of luck and necessities, months had passed on their journey, and it had eventfully lead them here. This was no longer a quest for treasure.

It was a quest for survival. "Were good as dead." Segihara said, lying on the cold dank floor of the cave that sheltered them.

"You mean us!" Sid hollered, "You and Ren are bound to eat us for food!"he knew his fate, Sid sat on a large rock that looked deep into a pool of black water, he chucked pebbles at Segihara.

"Shut up!" Anthony groaned, possibly the only one, for the past countless, sleepless nights, trying to figure a way out. The somber atmosphere wore a heavy on these adventurers.

"Do we even know where we are?" Samuel asked, to which he received no answer to his question.

Segihara stood, "There has to be something here, anything." He growled, both ships had been taken by the unruly sea, in treterous waters and disastrous war fair amongst its creatures of the black lagoon, however the blue lady would always travel in mystery, and could potentially be relied upon.

"Like what?" Anthony inquired sarcastically, "Rocks and water? Because there is a surplus of rocks, and water."

Samuel frowned at Anthony's conduct, "Oh for the love of God!" Segihara groaned, "Get over yourself," Being ship wrecked in lose quarters did things to a man, it stripped him down and made him human again.

They had become hunter, gatherers, Sid whistled loudly, to grasp the attention of his fellow morons.

"Hey!" he said, and jumped from his rock perch. Just as he was about to yell, his whistle, whistled back to him, all ears perked up and looked about. Ren looked at the narrow corridor

golden eyes caught movement in the dark.