Black Lagoon

Chapter One: Creature, Creature

Sid's brow furrowed at the mimicking game that was placed before them. Though they had been there for days in that murky cave, with no escape, so they could not ignore this opportunity that was simply a glimmer of hope.

Sid whistled again, and everyone remained on edge. In a moment's time, a whistle returned to him, with a husky whisper. "Tell no tales," It said, and seemed to come from far back within the cave, farther back than any of them had thought it to go.

"Alright, I vote the vampires go check it out," Sid said. Ren had no complaints; he was good as dead, and bored out of his mind hanging around these sods. Segihara, on the other hand, protested.

"Oh? And why is that?" Segihara asked, to which Sid shot him a gleam of an evil eye.

"Because, you're already dead." He retorted, as if the other had forgotten, and pointed down the cave.

"If he's going, so am I." Samuel said. Sid would protest such an idea, though he knew the younger of the men would simply ignore it. Sid waved a hand.

"Fine, whatever will have ya, just go." Sid snorted and had a sneaking feeling. That feeling was adventure and he'd been cooped up for days. He watched the three of them walk off into the dark depths of the cave. "Fine, I'll come with you. Christ," He groaned. "You staying back here holding down the fort?" He looked to his brother who rolled his eyes and joined the party.

The older of the two brothers sighed. Anthony adjusted his monocle and walked silently behind. Wherever they were going, it would have no end, and no answer. Just like everywhere else they had tried going for the past several years.

Though they had seemingly discovered secrets of a past world, Vampires and creatures of the sea alike, it wasn't enough for him. He longed for a time when he was at a comfortable state; for years he had dealt with the mourning of lost love and no one had noticed, though it was standing right there before them.

Segihara was a traitor in his book, and could never entirely be forgiven. Though here he was some how able to love again right in front of him. The thought had worn on his mind for such a long time. It would eat him alive in the end.

They could hear the faint sound of water dripping, and saw a glimmer of something. "Look there!" Sid announced, pointing out a small beam of light that had been wearing the surface of a slim, covered rock.

"I don't believe it," Samuel said, staring at the lit path. It was a dim beam, but it was there none the less.

"Let's follow it!"Sid exclaimed. Anthony finally perked up before everyone followed his brother into a potentially hazardous situation.

"Wait," Anthony said, moving to the front of the line to get a better look at the path, and its corridor. "We don't know what kind of path that is; it could be a trap." He looked to the members of his party. "Segihara, go," He instructed.

He looked surprised, "Why me?" Anthony gave the same reason as it was instructed earlier.

"Because you're already dead," Ren chuckled under his breath, knowing the quarrel the two had with each other quite well. How it must have hurt such a man to see his life develop like this.

"What if it opens into sunlight?" Segihara asked, protected by the cave, they had lost track of time.

"Then you will have found us an escape route. And I'd thank you kindly," Anthony remarked, pointing down the path way. He wasn't sure if it was solid ground, or water, or an abyss; he didn't really care what happened to the other, because the other seemingly didn't mind what had happened to him.

"Anthony!" Samuel protested as he always did. Anthony approached the young boy, who was always a boy in Anthony's eyes, and will always be. Anthony grabbed the other by his face, and looked into his eyes.

"Do you want out of here?" Samuel gave the other a frightening nod, he froze in place at the other's harsh grip.

"Anthony!" Segihara barked, though it received no response.

"Then shut up, and stop interrupting me." Sid only threw a wicked grin; glad none of this drama involved him.

"I'll go," Ren said. "You've all grown cowardly. You call yerself pirates?" Ren smirked a toothy grin and headed down the corridor, careful of his steps. He stood besides the beam of light, and reached his hand out into it. "Its false light." He said as he felt no pain of UV rays. "I reckon we've got ourselves some travelin' to do," Ren said and headed down the path of light.

They gave each other looks of concern. There was no reason to stay behind, other than uncertainty and that wasn't a reason at all, in Ren's book.

Anthony caught up to Ren in the front. "What's your suspicion?" He asked his comrade, who mused with delight at their unfortunate circumstances. It really didn't matter what his suspicion was.

"All's well that ends well," He said simply. Anthony was annoyed with that answer because it didn't complete any looming questions that floated around in his head.

"Here we are," Ren said, stopping at a wall. That was the source of the light beam. The wall was massive, and this particular part of the cave was wide open like a mouth; rock cycles hung from overhead like teeth, and murky pools of water lay scattered about the ground.

"What is this?" Segihara questioned aloud, saying only what everyone had thought.

A whistle echoed in the room. "Stop playin' games!" Sid hollered into the empty space. "Come clean, or get lost!" He invited whatever creature that was in the dark to show themselves.

Everyone waited in anticipation and received no answer. "Well, I guess that solves that," he said with a triumphant grunt. The others waited a few moments longer, disappointment set in their hearts. Just as it did, it seemed to answer them in hope. A wall cracked. Samuel jumped in surprise as the beam of light became a ray. It was blinding, and sparkled with gold flecks.

Anthony took a cautious step forward. "What in all of Davy Jones' locker...?" He questioned, and reached his hand into the light. iIt was then the wall fell to pieces, and water came forth and swept them all right off their feet.

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