You drove me home through the summer night
We tossed and turned against the candle light
It's probably wrong, but it feels right
I'm beckoning, but you won't come inside
This is a mistake that we're about to make
So don't look me in the eyes for my sake
I just need to get some quick affection and not feel so alone
Before you tell me that it's time to go
I could have this same agreement with any other guy
But it's easier to pick the one that's nearest
As we fumble in the darkness, try to reach familiar highs
I reach the point where I can see the clearest
I've been feeling we should stop and break this off soon
I've been getting used to sleeping in my own room
Waiting 'round for us to weaken is becoming quite a boon
Yeah, I've been thinking we should probably break this off soon
But I've been finding it easy to forget
That this always seems to lead to more regret
There's a concept I just can't seem to get
'Cause I haven't seen the down side of it yet
So I'll hang around and think about you now and then
And once in a while we'll play at pretend
We can imagine that you and I didn't have to end
We can fake it 'till it seems just like back then
You can drive over in the summer night
We can toss and turn and stare across the candlelight
I'll tell you that it's wrong, but it'll feel right
I'll be beckoning to you, but you won't come inside
It's probably better if you didn't come inside