Tenshi no Revolver

Prologue : Carnivorous

Authors Note: Hello all, it has been far to long. Here is the beginnings to a new story, the idea is slowly developing on paper, and hopefully I will have the first chapter done by the beginning of next month. :) p.s. I replaced Tech's name, it was originally Lorelei but I think I got them all.

See no evil, hear no evil. This was always something Luda had been told from a very young age, though it made no sense to him, because to see no evil, and hear no evil must have meant that you were blind and deaf. Evil lives amongst you every day, every where, in the nooks and cranny's of every dark corner.

A child's worst nightmare was always real, it could some how be applied to the corporate life style.

The life Luda chose to lead was not one that landed him a nine to five, behind a desk, and in front of a computer. He woke in the dark, he slept in the dark, he rarely saw the day time, and had become accustomed to it over the years. Now he lay on an operating table, a bad injury and miscalculation had put him here.

"Can you save it?" A nurse asked, all dressed in proper attire, and Luda hooked to proper equipment. The low lull of the beeping monitoring his heart kept the doctor on track of what he was doing.

"It will be mostly mechanical, but we can fix it." This Dr. Harper practiced fusion technology, combining man and machine was his specialty.

"Sir," The male nurse chimed in, "Isn't that a bit risky? given his age and -" He was cut off by Dr. Harper, who had already begun the procedure to make Luda a fusion test, to which he had become not by choice.

"We can work this to his benefit," he said with a snide grin. "Stronger, faster, than ever before." He quoted, while the nurses of a new generation gave him a blank stare.

"Excuse me?" the male nurse said, to which Dr. Harper shook his head, and wondered what the world was coming to. Several hours of operation passed, and Luda was finally moved into a room for resting, still unconscious, and unaware of anything that had gone on.

"Now," A tired Dr. Harper said, the middle aged man ran the facility in which Luda worked. "To our second pressing matter," He said, and removed his scrubs, throwing them into a disposal bin, and walking down the hallway to a holding cell where a boy sat on a steel bench. The room itself was made of brick, with no means of escaping.

Dr. Harper grabbed a clip bored, and greeted the door guard, and with a pull of a lever by the same door guard, was let into the brick room where the platinum blonde haired boy was held captive. He was thin, but tall, and green eyes glistened even in the dark room which in this present time was his bird cage.

Dr. Harper rose a brow to the fair skinned boy who was before him. The room seemed cold and when the boy breathed, ice crystals melted off his lips. "Tech...?" Green eyes met the dark brown of Dr. Harper's, both filled with curiosity, though Tech's filled with shame, regret, and mourning.

His black turtle neck suffered some damage, rips and tears tattered his demeanor, dark wash jeans remained in tack, no shoes to speak of. "You are aware of the damage you have caused?" Dr. Harper asked, to which Tech nodded in compliance.

"Could you save him?" Tech asked, the man he was asking about, who had saved him in a daring manner, was a stranger to Tech,, but a hero none the less.

"With some minor modifications," Dr. Harper responded. "Though it was by accident that he came across you, we are still going to hold you here until further notice." Dr. Harper informed, after reviewing Tech, file, Dr. Harper was intrigued at the chance to have another candidate for his fusion study.

"Can I see him?" The prisoner asked. Dr. Harper seemed quizzical and uncertain if the two of them meeting was a good idea; the dark haired heroin lay resting after his surgery, and needed to recover to get back to his job.

"Perhaps." Dr. Harper said.

"Perhaps?" He was anxious, anxious to thank him for the unnecessary deed of saving his life. Life was precious, more than most humans knew. Lorelei was forever indebted to Luda, a deep bond that Dr. Harper could never sever, no matter how hard he tried.

Luda's eyes stirred underneath the closed lids, a serene face remained calm and quiet like always, though his body was recovering from an immense amount of pain, fingers twitched with movement. In response, a computer replied, "Luda, version 2.1. Activated." A series of clicking within his body was a pronounced sound as his lilac eyes opened. Both arms appeared human, but were not.

He put his left hand to his face, and groaned at a headache. "Your headache is normal," the nurse said. "We'd injected aspirin just before you woke up." Lilac eyes turned to the nurse reviewing his clipboard. "You suffered unnecessary damage this time, Luda. If you don't watch it-." Dr. Harper entered the room and the nurse shut himself up with out coaching.

"Luda, you are awake. How are you?" Dr. Harper asked, even though he already knew the response to that question.

"Headache," he paused to check the status of the rest of his body, which appeared fine. "Fine otherwise." He had no recollection of what got him to this point.

"That's normal," Dr. Harper said. "Sit up." Luda did so with out question, and looked around the familiar recovery room.

"What?" Luda questioned, knowing his incomplete sentence would be enough to gain a response.

"A field operation gone disaster," Dr. Harper said, with a slight scowl on his face. These two had more of a father to son relationship than that of a doctor and test subject. Dr. Harper met Luda at a young age, even younger than he was when this incident happened. He'd been seven when he met Harper, and that was ten years ago.

He looked at the half mechanical boy, and remembered when he was completely human. He smiled at the thought, though he never regretted anything but he did remember, and he did so fondly.

A seven-year-old boy, and Dr. Harper stood in the empty field which was ablaze with flames and cast above them dark clouds of smoke. Dr. Harper knelt down in front of the dark haired boy, and looked into his lilac eyes. "Aren't you scared?" he asked. Seeing no tears coming from his eyes, the boy only clutched a decrepit teddy bear, it was all he had left of a past that was destroyed.

"Scared?" He asked, as if he didn't know the phrase. What was it to feel? What was it to be? He always wondered if he would ever know the answers to feelings.

Luda sat up, and rolled a shoulder. His right arm felt awkward he looked at it with a puzzled expression.

"That," Dr. Harper said. "You will have to get used to. You will have to do retraining as soon as you are sufficient." Luda looked to him and sighed.

He hiccuped and excused himself, putting finger tips to rose petal colored lips. He heard in his mind, "OS LUDA 2.1." His brow furrowed.

"2.1?" He repeated allowed, last he checked before his failed mission, he was still in 2.0.

"Your new mechanics needed a new operating system, though you will be glad to know we've installed GPS tracking chip for your assistance so you wont get lost any more." Luda wondered if he should thank the man, or hate him. The only feeling that slightly trembled in side him was resentment.

"You can retire to your room," Dr. Harper said. "Your clothes are hanging on the wall, as usual." He smiled. "Its casual Friday, so enjoy." Casual Friday was a joke. Luda was the only one welcome to wear regular clothing, all personnel of course had uniforms.

He changed into his t-shirt and jeans, fussed with his dark hair, and stretched awkwardly, then headed in the direction of his room. This led him down the main hallway, passing the holding room where Lorelei was still held captive. He walked silently across the floor, and hadn't noticed Lorelei sitting in the holding room. Though Lorelei, on the other hand, noticed him, and he stood frantically, and looked out the window as the other passed, transfixed on him with the utmost concentration.

He smiled as he watched the slender man walk, so brave he was, he wished to be like him, but he was just an experiment. Experiment 101.