Tenshi No Revolver

Chapter Two : Grind Core

Part one: Remembrance

Authors Note: In this chapter, it will start with memories in first person of Tech and Luda and then go back to the regular story, I wanted to bring a little more to the table here and show just a little bit how this will all be coming together. This is also the edited by me version of this chapter, I am getting really busy with band practice and possible rehearsal so I wanted to put this up here,

I'm going to send it to Misus Ann too. I hope you all enjoy this, :).

(Luda's Remembrance)

I remember being young, I remember the lost smells of roses, honey dew and vanilla; It was ages of war and destruction within our family, but it always tasted sweet, and it always smelt delicious, like vengeance and victory, I was young at the time. Mysteries of the world, were always of interest to me.

Though knowledge was something that my mother and father, if you could call them that, took no interest in teaching me. The library room was always locked, though through the key hole, I could see that there were perhaps worlds upon worlds of knowledge, and being as I had no idea how many worlds there were, the possibilities were always endless.

Though I had managed to find a mentor amongst the hate for the ones we were supposed to love, he always told me that we both mattered, and that we would escape from the one who thought he was God, he taught me common things, and how to be happy.

We often found our selves running through the vineyard, up the hills lined with olive trees, and painted our selves and even better picture of what life was always supposed to be. I felt sorry for him, because he was much older than I, perhaps about the age of six teen; I was only seven. He was my brother,

not by blood, but by love, he had all the aspects of being my brother, so I accepted him as such.

How he got there, I will perhaps never know, the memories are fading now, they only come to me in my darkest moments as dreams from the other side of a looking glass, I understand that they are real,

they make me feel. Longing, desire, impatiently waiting for the bitter end.

(Tech's Remembrance)

At that moment, as I looked down at a beautifully troubled man, I was reminded of home.

I remembered standing in a field, I stood looking across miles and miles of seemingly nothingness, I found it amazing that with all this vast nothingness, there was a metropolis steps behind me; my people were not that of nature, though like nature with the same respect.

We walked amongst the machine, we were machines, human embodiments of people past, and souls recaptured. I was labeled number one hundred and one, down the line of experiments captured by a preservative scientist who was trying to find forever. I often found myself in the field on the edge of the city.

Though I think the city we lived in was far less like a metropolis, and more like a cage. When I first woke, I often wondered who I was originally, and how the original me died, perhaps I will never know,

perhaps it is not important, I walked hundred of grave sites, and found none with my name.

Our metropolis was so much so that by the law we had to preserve part of the city just for burying the dead, it was often that grave robbers stole, and disrespected, I watched often hoping that they may one time dig up my grave, and I would find it, and know me, but such was never the case.

"Hey," Lux called to Tech who seemed to be spaced out in thought, Tech blinked and looked over at the other.


"You ok man?" Lux rose a quizzical brow, he was never one to get caught in a day dream.

"Yes, I'm alright, I was just thinking about something." He shook his head, it still seemed a miracle that he was here, with these people. In this place. "Is he going to be ok?" Tech asked.

"He's been through worse,"

Clouded voices filled his ears as he began to regain consciousness, thoughts of the past faded to black, his lids twitched and continued to protect those gentle lilac visions, Lux had taken it upon himself to hide the incident from Dr. Harper, knowing that it would result in another operation, and more mechanical parts.

His weaponry acted up on human instinct, fighting the bob cat and putting it to its end would have been a necessity to insure his survival if he were all human, or not. So there was no remorse over the loss of the animal.

They waited patiently for the Luda to come to, he groaned and moved his head slightly, the punishing aftermath of what was like a hang over, settled in his stomach.

"Luda, 2.1 Activated,"

Luda sat up, holding himself there with hands on a metal table, "Lux?" He asked, seeing the familiar face in his mind Lux's stats ran quickly informing him that he was correct in his question, he looked to the blonde who seemed familiar, but didn't have a name to his face.

"Glad you've finally come to," Lux said with a gentle smile, he rubbed his face, the older boy was tired.

"So," He said, leaning heavy on his left foot and crossing his arms over his chest, "Dr. Harper's been hiding some things from you,"

His facial expression became amused, as he was not surprised, with deduction, he assumed that this blond haired boy had something to do with whatever it was that Dr. Harper was hiding. "He was recovered from the last mission, that literally blew up in your face."

Lux hadn't heard all of what happened, so far Tech was the only one that had known everything, step by step.

Tech's slender fingers reached out with a gentle hand, and he stepped forward to touch Luda's face,

who became surprised and froze at soft finger tips.

"I had been waiting to thank you." He said, Luda had no idea what he was being thanked for, Tech smiled softly and stepped closer to the other, "So thank you," He whispered, so close that Luda could feel the chill of the others breath on his lips.

Lux stood, perplexed at the others actions, as they were incredibly straight forward, and wondering why Luda hadn't reacted to such things. He hadn't taken the time to notice that Luda's reaction; was simply shock.

Tech was bold and daring, with a small smile that asked permission, he set his cold lips on the others for only a moment; and left Luda with a chill that he had never felt before.

Tenshi No Revolver

Chapter Two: Grind Core

Part 1 – Remembrance