All my life, I've seen thought bubbles, like on Sims. Literally, even as a baby, I used to point above my parents head, trying to show them. Once, my great great grandpa was there when it happened. So once I was old enough to understand, he told me everything he knew about being a seer. If your wondering about him being my great great anything, I come from a family of young births. My parents are only 15 years older than me, or at least my mom, my dad is 16 years older, and so on. Therefore, while my great great grandpa was old, he was young enough to be alive.

So I was about 8 when he told me, he also wrote it down, that way I wouldn't forget. The letter said,


You are a seer. That is when you see thought bubbles. I know you probably remember some of what I told you, but, just in case, I'm righting this letter. I am also a seer, it runs in families. In your life, you may run into another seer, I haven't, they are very rare. It runs in one sex, in one family. In our particular family, it runs in the males. In others, it could run in females. It also goes to every other kid in our family, which is why it didn't matter that your mom's a girl. Oh, and one more thing, if you don't have a male grandchild, the seer gene will go down with you.



I haven't run into another seer yet. Although I have met Destiny, the love of my life. Not that she loves me like that, but I do know she loves me as a friend at least. She's my best friend, and I'm hers. I've tried making her jealous, it never works. I don't know how she feels. You see, the reason we're friends, is because the day she came to my school, she had no thought bubble at all.