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Suffusing nebulae like lullèd fireflies,

They mist around your aura of quietude,

With ebbing hope and now uncertainty accrued

As the ripple, mutter of sea-crowds dies.

Her cerulean eyes discern fair Aoede's groves

Searching the souls of nightingales and lyres,

Surreal visions are roused, induced like restless fires

And words, the poet's mead, in golden troves.

Cloakèd, the fleece-like hush of wintry snow,

Descends upon the spellbound crowd of neophytes,

Our Eleusinian mystery, swaying spotlights

Outline orbits of wanderers aglow.

How serene, she smiles in beatitude and grace,

As streams of euphony now surge inside,

Her sacred voice, like halcyon moon draws the tide,

Wiles longing sighs, hallows this blessed place …