A/N: This is kinda like my 'Never Apart' story, it's kinda written the same way, but it's totally different, I promise[:

So, I was down in FLA for a week. I went to Disney. and As i was walking out of Animal Kingdom I looked up at the sky which was clear as crystal, with the gorgeous full moon shinning down, and this popped into my head, and at the time I didn't have anything to write on, so I opened up a 'start new picture message' on my phone because you can type 1000 characters per message, so I started texting it into my phone, and when I finished all i came up with, I saved it to my drafts then like... two days later it wasn't there like i must have accidentally erased it, so I freaked out.. then I re-typed it on my phone and saved+locked it.
So when I got home, I typed it up and edited it[:

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I stood there looking up at the beautiful bright full moon, wondering if you're somewhere out there looking up at the same moon.

Its been four years since I've heard from you.

By now, I swore you're was dead.

I thought if one of the Soldiers got killed they notified family and close friends, or something of the sort.

But they never did.

Sometimes, I wonder if you're still alive out there somewhere.

The last letter I got from you was November Twenty-Third Two Thousand Six.

I've read it so many times I've lost count.

When you joined the Military I knew it'd be hard to deal with, but I never though I'd be this hard.

You promised you'd only be gone a year.

You've been gone four.

Every morning I wake up and dread the day ahead of me.

I remember the day you left.

It was the best and worse day of my life.

You proposed to me right before you got on the train.

Every time a bus of Soldiers comes to the states I always go, with hopes that you'll finally come home.

Once the bus arrives and all the Soldiers file out to their awaiting family and girlfriends.

I'm always left standing there alone.

Today there's another bus coming home.

I don't know why I still go, guess I just can't help but hope.

Once again I'm the only girl left without a guy to hold on to and greet.

A couple weeks later I walk out to my mailbox, only to find a letter from the Military.

I quickly opened it, hesitating to open it because I was scared to read what was inside.

Dear miss Ali, we are happy to report your fiancee Chase has been found alive and requested to be discharged.

We are most sorry for the long wait concerning his whereabouts.

We hope you are well, and we promise Chase will be home soon.

Signed: Commander Musk.

I stand there with tears falling down my face, then taking a deep breath and wiping my face I look at the rest of my mail.

And to my surprise there's a letter from you.