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My Dear Amber,

How I've missed you so.

I'm so sorry I disappeared off the face of the earth for three years.

You see, I was out with my friend Michael one day and we were patrolling the area,

then we were attacked by an enemy soldier.

The enemy's kept us hostage for those three years, making us do all their dirty work in return for not killing us on the spot like they had planned.

Just a couple days ago Michael and I decided that at night when everyone was asleep we'd try and escape.

The only problem was, there was always two soldiers guarding the only way out of camp.

But we came up with a plan to climb over a small sand hill that lead back to our home base.

So come night time, that's exactly what we did.

There were come close calls to getting captured again, but we made it.

We got to our home base at just the break of dawn, after we got past our guards we both ran to the Commander's tent.

He was shocked to see us alive, but we were shocked ourselves that we were still alive.

So after we told him everything, we both demanded to be discharged so we could come home.

He happily discharged us, and sent you and Anna a letter saying we're alive.

Oh, Anna's Michael's girlfriend by the way, she lives not to far away from your place, Michael and I thought since we're both coming home at the same time you two should meet up and come meet us together.

I'll have Michael tell Anna to call you soon.

I can't wait to get home so I can hold you in my arms once more.

I've missed you so much baby, and all the time I was captured all I could think about was you and how you were.

It's November twenty-first, two thousand ten.

Approximately four years minus two days, was the last time I sent you a letter.

Ten days before that was the day I left. Also the day I proposed to you.

I'll be arriving at grand central station at two P.M sharp on the twenty-third, I'll see you then.

Baby, I'm finally comin' home to the place where I belong.

I sit there on the sidewalk, with tears streaming down my face.

Then wiping the tears and standing up, I check my phone to see what the date was.

November twenty-second.

Strangely enough right at that moment my phone started ringing.

I looked at the caller ID and didn't recognize it, but I answered it anyways.


"Hi, Amber? This is Anna Green."

"Oh, Hi!"

"So, our boy's are finally coming home tomorrow."

"Yeah, how about we go meet them together?"

"Exactly what I was gonna say!" She laughs. "Hey, how about you spend the night at my place that way it'll be easier for us to get there faster in the morning?"

"Sounds great!"

"Awesome, want me to come pick you up so you don't have to drive here?"

"Sure, you know how to get here?"

"I sure do. Chase told Michael your address and Michael told me. So I'll be there in say an hour?"

"Sounds good to me. See ya then."

Call Ended.

After I got in the house, I set my mail on the table and went upstairs and packed.

Exactly an hour later, Anna pulled into my driveway.

I grabbed my two bags and walked down the stairs and out the door, locking my house behind me.

"Hey!" Anna called from her car.

"Hey." I smile back, walking over to the car and putting my bags in the back seat then sitting in the riders seat.

I look over at Anna.

She's got gorgeous icy blue eyes with long straight brown hair with blond highlights.

She smiles at me, and I smile back.

We talked about anything and everything the car ride home, then we ended up talking all night and falling asleep on her couch.

The next morning, we both woke up at noon then ate breakfast.

By the time we'd eaten, gotten dressed and ready, it was one-forty-five.

So we both got in the car and drove to grand central station as fast as we could.

"We made it!" Anna said, breathing heavily from running.

"Just in time too, look!" I said, pointing to the train that had just pulled in.

We grabbed each other's hand and walked up to where we could see all the doors.

After about sixty people got off the train, I finally spotted them.

"There!" I pointed.

Anna and I let go of each other's hands and ran to our guys.

Chase and Michael spotted us and opened their arms as we jumped into them and hugged them tightly.

Chase hugged me tightly, kissing my head and mumbling things I couldn't understand.

"I missed you so much babygirl." He whispered into my ear.

"I missed you too..so much." I whispered back, tears falling down my face now.

Chase leaned down and kissed me passionately, then picking me up and spinning me around.

He set me down and locked eyes with me.

"I'm home." he smiled, resting his forehead on mine.

"Where you belong." I finished, kissing him once more.