Entry 1

Life. For some of us it is the best adventure we could imagine. Others it is just a whole bunch of burdens. Mine is neither. I have one of those lives that can be amazing, and also can suck. A lot of people have a life like that. I drown out my sorrows listening to music and start projects that I can never finish. If you were wondering, my name is Cate, short for Caitlin. I never liked it. Too…not me. I don't know what name would be for me, but Caitlin is not it.

I have a normal family. A mom, a dad, and a brother. I go to school and I have friends. I have a more complex way of thinking, well I think I do. I think how other people feel about things before I think of myself. I know that I can deal with pretty much anything, but I don't know about them. That's why I spend most of my life worrying about others.

I also have this passion for music. I love it. Any music. I listen to rock, metal, country, electronic. I love it all. I don't understand how I could live without music. All I do is listen to it. My parents aren't as passionate about it as I am, and I learned my ways from my older brother, Chris. He has the most amazing CD's. I sometimes find myself taking his CD's when he is gone, ripping them to my computer then putting them back. I just really love music. I really think he is the only reason-

I put down my notebook, and looked out the window. I swear I heard someone screaming. Whatever. I bet it was just some kid. That was the first time I heard a scream of sheer terror. The next time I would hear it, it would be coming from me.