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"I don't want to come with you!" I yelled.

The lady let go of me and disappeared. I started to run off inside when she appeared again, angrier. She looked uglier this time. She had blood creeping off of her still, but she just looked different. She looked happy before, now she looks mad.

"How dare you talk back to me! You are coming with me whether you like it or not!" She screamed.

Deep inside of me I was hoping someone else could hear her, but part of me was enjoying this. Part of me wanted to stay here, but another part wanted to go with her. One of the options is safe; the other is more risky and adventurous.

She grabbed my arm again and started to drag me out of my yard.

"Whe-Where are you taking me?" I asked. I was starting to get really scared.

"To a place." The woman giggled.

"Can I have a name?" I questioned.

"No!" She yelled.

We were walking through the streets and her grip did not let up on my arm. It seemed like we had been walking for miles when she said "Were here." She finally let go of my hand. It was covered in her blood. I tried to get it off using my shirt, but there was still a stain on my hand. I wonder what my parents will think when they see that.

"Wait here. Don't leave. Remember, I know where to find you." She hissed.

She walked through the door, into a dark room. I didn't notice anything else because she just slid through the crack she had made. I am not going in there with her. After I saw she shut the door. I started to run back. It was getting late, and I was getting tired, but I had to keep going. I had to get away from her. I ran down many streets and roads, and got lost a few times, but that didn't matter. I just need to get home. I finally saw my house and ran through the back door, which is always open. I locked the door behind me and ran up too my room. I kept hearing things behind me, but I just ignored them. I pulled out my journal, and started to write.

Entry 2

Sorry, the last entry was interrupted. I had heard a scratching on the window and this woman was standing there. Blood was oozing off of her skin. She was wearing and old Elizabethan dress that was cropped at the knees as if she had cut it. Her beautiful, what had once been, blonde hair was blood stained red. Sorry for that grotesque image, but I have to remember. She dragged me off into this place, but I ran off. It was getting a little too frightening, even for me. The girl who has been hearing the voices of the dead her whole life. Wait, I don't think I had mentioned that yet. The voices I hear are one's from the passed on. This was the first time I had seen a spirit for that long. I am afraid she will come back and find me. I really don't want that. I think I am going to go to bed and hope to not see that woman again.

I put my journal under my pillow, and started to get ready to bed. Anywhere I walked it felt like I was being watched. I started to ignore it and just go to sleep. As I started to lie down, I heard a voice. A different voice.

"No fear, she won't find you. For I make sure she never harms anything, not even a shrew"