Tim glanced nervously at the floor, pondering his next move. "Anna," he said nervously, "I… uh… got a great opportunity from this record company…" he trailed off. Her face lit up and she congratulated him. He smiled meekly and continued, "…in California."

Anna's face fell and Tim grimaced. "Oh…" was all she could muster. Tim looked at her nervously, and she smiled meekly, trying to hide her true feelings. "I'd best be going now." She said hurriedly, grabbing her bag and fleeing from the room. As the door slammed Tim sighed. He had been naïve to think she wouldn't be upset.

Back at her house, Anna cried, and cried, and cried until she ran out of tears. She had truly thought Tim was the one. She may only be seventeen, but she had been friends with him for nine years and been dating him for three, and she always imaged them getting married, having kids, growing old together. Now all those dreams were gone. She cried for herself, but at the same time she was angry at herself for being so selfish. She had a right to be upset, but she should have also been excited for Tim. He had gotten what he always wanted.

She hadn't.

Tim was still sitting at his kitchen table, lost in his thoughts. His head conflicted with his heart. He knew that this record deal was a once in a lifetime opportunity, but her also loved Anna. His head wanted him to go to California. His heart wanted him to go to Anna. He knew if he made the wrong decision, he would always regret it.

He sighed and held his head in his hands. He closed his eyes and thought of two possible futures. One where he went to California for a record deal that may or may not happen, for the fame and recognition that might come. But also might not.

And he thought of Anna. Anna who had always been there. Who always cared. He thought of Anna, and a future of them together. And then he thought of Anna, living out that future with someone else, a faceless question mark that made him sick to his stomach. And he thought back of going to California. Of the future in which he was the one-in-a-million and made it all the way to the top. Without Anna.

And all of a sudden, that dream didn't seem too appealing anymore. A smile began to work its way on to his face. He knew what to do.

Anna sat on her couch, cat in her lap, book in hand, trying not to think about Tim when the doorbell rang. She contemplated whether she should answer it or not. She closed the book, and fought herself on what to do next. The doorbell rang again. Whoever it was at the door was impatient. So she put the book down and went to the door.

Tim was standing there, clutching a bouquet of blue forget-me-nots. She reluctantly undid the lock and opened the door. Tim held the bouquet out to her.

And then he said "I love you Anna, I pick you. California can wait."

She looked up at him, tears of joy welling up in her eyes. "I love you too, Tim." she said quietly. Tim couldn't hold back a huge grin as he picked her up and spun her around.

Sixty years later, Tim and Anna held hands on the front porch of their cottage, watching their grandkids playing on the lawn, reminiscing on their life together. "…That was the smartest thing I ever did, dear," finished Tim, "Was reject that offer and stay with you." And they just looked lovingly at their family and smiled. They wouldn't have their lives any other way.