There once was one

Who made me fall

For her warm heart

One who made me smile

The one I lived

One I was prepared to die for.

One who shattered

All I held dear

Like a neglected window

I lied on the floor in confused pieces

My heart

My soul

All gone

Scattered across the world

But now I have another

One who loves me

This I can see

But can I feel the same?

Can I return the love?

Do I deserve it at all?

I was alone

Oh, so very alone

So vulnerable

Yet so protected

How can I love you

Like you need to be loved

If the pain of memories still linger?

Should I let you in?

I am still on the floor

Nothing but shattered pieces.

Can I pick them up?

Will you help me?

Can I let you?

The floor it seems

Is so very far away

Should I move on?

Can I ever move on?

Even for you?

There once was one

Who I gave everything to

But can there be another?