I slowly creeped up the stairs, listening to the pain and agony that the steps screamed under my feet. A strong gust of wind whipped around me and my friends, feeling like it was pulling me down the stairs, warning us to stay back. We kept walking up slowly coming closer to the rotting door in front of us. "Damn…" I whispered more to myself than to anyone else. I could see them all nod in agreement, obviously scared that something was going to happen any moment now.

"I don't wanna open it…" I said, shaking and hugging myself trying to keep from shivering.

"I-I will." Jake said, stuttering. He slowly walked up to the door, reaching out his hand. It shook so much, his hand started to look blurry. He took a deep breathe, put his on the old door handle, and turned is to the left until he heard the CLICK! noise. Jake pulled the door open, waiting for something to scare the living crap out of all of us! Nothing happened. Silence filled the air around us, as we huddled together walking into the old mansion.

"What the-" Natasha whispered. We all gasped in surprise to our discovery.

The inside part of the house was, obviously, unoccupied, but looked to be taken care of and unbelievably gorgeous! The couch looked to be a black velvet, and a love seat to the right of it faced the door. A beautiful stair case crawled all the way to the attic. The kitchen was amazing, too, but had an old fashion scene to it. You know, like the kitchen in I Love Lucy, but bigger!

The air smelled like a sweet scent of perfume. But strangely mixed with a horrible scent of rotting wood, and road kill(I think you know what that is!).

"Damn…" I whispered again, in awe of the beauty.

"How-?" Sarah tried to finish, but didn't know the right words to fit the question together.

"This is freakin' amazing!" Jake blurted out. It echoed threw the whole house, making the atmosphere turn from happiness, to eerie and frightening.

"Shh!" We all shhed Jake loudly, once again making an eerie noise. He gave a sheepish smile to everyone, and flashing an "I'm sorry" look, too.

But everyone shut up at once, hearing a rustling sound upstairs. We had no clue what floor it was on. "C'mon. Let's go check it out!" Natasha whispered, a gleam of excitedness was shot threw her eyes, waiting for more of a discovery to find.

"I don't wanna! It's too scary. I wanna go home." Sarah whined. Jake took her arm and pulled her to the stairs.

"Sarah, don't be a pussy. You're more of a man than me and Michael! Err, I mean, you usually are more…never mind. Just c'mon!" He blushed a bright red, flashing another "I'm sorry" smile, awaiting Sarah's punch. But surprisingly she just rolled her eyes and followed.

Natasha was in front leading the way, still excited to find a ghost. I didn't know she was such an adventure seeker! We climbed the stairs and hit the first floor. It stretched to what looked like a mile. Suddenly, more shuffling was heard from above. We all looked up and then looked at each other.

"Let's go." Natasha whispered and motioned for us to keep moving.

Sarah was in the back, still looking scared as we reached the second floor. It seemed to stretch a mile long, too. But this one looked a bit darker, more mysterious. Natasha looked down and saw nothing.

Once more, shuffling was heard from above us. The third floor…I thought to myself. We slowly crept up the stairs and stopped. Natasha turned pale and stepped a stair down. "What's wrong." I asked, my voice sounded more concerned than I wanted it to be.

"I-I don't wanna go any further…" She turned around and darted behind Sarah. I started to shiver, but not from the cold. Something didn't feel right. I climbed a few stairs, and saw why Natasha had freaked out.

The hallway was dark. The air felt cold, and filled with a deep hatred. A rope was tied from the ceiling. " I know what that's from." I whispered, my voice shaking. The rope was torn at the end. Something must have gotten free. "Does anyone wanna go down there?" I asked, feeling sad and scared at the same time. I bet my face had gone white, because everyone shook their heads. "It's just me then." I said, lack of confidence filled my body as I took a step closer until I felt an arm take a grip of wrist.

"You aren't going down there, are you?" Jake said, worried filled is face.

"I have to." I replied, still whispering.

'No, you don't. That rope is a bad sign. Please don't go." Sarah said, looking like she was about to cry.

"I'm going down there, whether you guys want me to or not." I said, and pulled away from Jake's weak grip.

I stepped into the entrance of the hallway and took a deep breathe.

"Let's hope nothing will go wrong…" I whispered to myself. I was shaking with fear as I took my first step down the hallway. The first step to the hell hole of death.

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