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The Origins War

An essay of the ongoing conflict of origins.

A war like none other has raged on for centuries. No, it's not a war of the land, of bloodshed and death. Rather, it's a war of minds; of theories, ideals, and beliefs. And what, then, is the toll of this bloodless war? It is the mental massacre of millions. The greatest and the smallest have fought and are fighting still in the effort to find the answers and claim victory. Whether in the pressrooms or the textbooks, the battles have appeared in all of our lives, shaping our minds through various truths and lies. Somehow, one way or another, we are all part of the Origins War.

The question of where we and the universe came from seems like an eternal one. The answer determines many things, and even governs our lives; it answers how old the Earth is, how we and all life forms originated, and even if we have a purpose. People have many different answers, but one of the most common is the theory that "In the beginning, BANG", also known as the theory of evolution.

Evolution is a word of multiple meanings, and people are often confused about its definition in each context. When speaking of the beginnings of the universe and life, evolution means: the widely held notion that all life is related and has descended from a common ancestor. This way of thinking became widespread after a man named Charles Darwin wrote the famous book, "The Origin of Species", after his study of the animals and plants on the Galapagos Islands.

Darwin's theory encountered skeptics of all kinds, but was later accepted and is still accepted today as the origin of life. The secular world still believes this theory, simply because PHDs and famous scientist believe, not actually from proof. What the people don't know is that even the scientists don't really know the truth. So why is this unproven theory taught even to children as the truth?

Before I explain any further, one thing has to be clear: The theory of evolution and the Big Bang theory go hand in hand. We are taught that some billions of years ago, the entire universe was contained in an infinitely small point. Then the singularity started to rotate. Keep in mind that nothing exists at the moment, just this infinitely small point. No, we don't know where the point came from, it was just there somehow. And so this singularity is spinning faster and faster and begins to expand. Surprise! The universe is born!

So now you have this random gas and dust all over the universe, and over the course of billions of years, stars start to form from the gas and planets form from the dust and gas. Gravity comes into play somehow and we now have this very primitive version of Earth, with nothing but rocks and ever-erupting volcanoes. The environment is impossible for life. And then, somewhere in a tiny puddle of soup, comes along the first life: microscopic bacteria. Over millions more years, that bacteria multiples, and through mutations, forms more complex organisms (the theory of evolution now comes into play). Eventually, you and I begin to walk the planet.

Now let's think and dissect all of the information.

One: The entire universe was contained in an infinitely small point. The universe is vaster than we can even explain. Maybe I'm just not smart enough, but understanding how even my puppy could fit into such a singularity is beyond me.

Two: There was nothing until the bang. So where did the bang come from? The scientists have no answer. A Greek philosopher named Parmenides made a profound statement some thousand years ago: ex nihilo nihil fit. English, perhaps? "From nothing, comes nothing."

Three: the singularity rotates and then expands in what is called the big bang. Now here's a bit of science for you to dwell on. If a point is spinning and then explodes, all of the planets we see today would be spinning in the same direction as the original point billions of years ago. Here's a secret: They're not. This pertains to Newton's First Law of Motion. Take a look at Uranus and Venus and figure it out for yourself.

Four: Gravity comes into play and stars and planets form. Where did gravity come from? How did the gas and dust form such perfect and organized galaxies? The universe is so precise that one tiny mistake can throw it all off balance. Was it all an accident? I think not.

Five: The Earth forms and is a barren land with no atmosphere and no conditions fit for living. So how did something living come to be? And other than that, the chance that life could form by a random occurrence is so wild, it's practically impossible. Once again, everything is very precise.

Six: Over time the bacteria changes into more complex organisms by mutations and eventually becomes human. First of all, cats do not become dogs, dogs do not become birds, and birds do not become whales. One species does not change into another. Plus, an organism does not become more complex by mutations. It has been scientifically proven that mutation do not help an organism in any way. Instead, mutations either have no effect or harm organisms. And, I refuse to believe that I am a multimillion-year-old mutated bacterium.

So, to sum it up, seven completely illogical events formed the universe and everything in it. I consider myself a girl of faith and I am a hard-core Christian, but even I do not have enough faith to believe in such a tall tale. This is simply a fantasy of man created to explain that which had always been known as a supernatural event.

The Origin's War is far from over. Despite the facts above, some people still cling to evolution's view of origins, coming up with solution after solution and playing the "what if" game that could go on for eternity. And yet still there are other answers to be explored, including evolution's greatest enemy: creation. Hopefully, in time the whole world will see evolution's lie, and with even more time, find themselves beholding the truth.

And the war rages on…

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