I am pressed against the door

My back to my life, my back to the world

I hold my arm in my hand, run my finger over the veins

Oh how beautiful this is

The veins respond to my touch

Chills run down my spine as I feel them begging

They beg to be cut

To be ripped

Oh how you will pay

I know you will die inside

How could you make me feel this way

I pull on the seams of the scars in my heart

I feel the tugging of the stitches

They're about to come loose

This world has been cruel to me

I was born a broken fool

A joke of a child

A crime of a person

My soul never ripened past hell

I was born to be a sinner

There are no reparations

I have no second chance

Here comes the tide

I feel it brimming on the horizon

The dam is near bursting


Cut one, horizontal

The demons egged me on

And how could they do this to me?

How could they expect me to live this way?

Isn't seventeen years enough suffering?

Slash two.

I wonder how many I can make

Before the final blow is upon me

There is so much blood, it's everywhere

It gushes to the floor

I leave a present with my passing

Fuck your perfect carpet

In your perfect home, your perfect life

Four, five

They come now the flurries

Little blizzards of venom sent rushing through these veins

The venom splatters out, the room is getting dark

I'm dizzy and giddy with joy

Anger. I'm angry.

It's not fair.

What could I have been?

What could I have done?


I was condemned.

Nothing could be different.

What a cruel fucking joke.

Seven, what is it, eight now?

I feel like I've lost count.

Two, three more for good measure.

My arm is like a canvas

I paint my vision for you to see.

One last stroke and my life's work is done.

One last.

One last... stroke.

Before you fade, I see your face.


It's done.