February 14th, 2010

It really only takes one to shatter your very existence.

Only takes one to make you feel so betrayed, loved, unimportant, and forgotten.

Turning sixteen was painful.
I awoke to hear the one I love is no longer going to be with me.
She was disappearing fro my existence.

Only twelve days of being sixteen she came back to my life.
She hurt me worse than ever this time.I told my every feeling, every bit from my heart.
She chose my ex, the one who broke me before her.

Can you believe it?
I said it was fine…
That I was fine…

Who am I to ruin her happiness?
Did it matter?She was happy.
As long as she was happy, I didn't matter.

I hurt her, so I deserved this pain…oh so much…

My heart was so pained filled.
My eyes they have no light.
Someone even pointed it out.

I was no longer happy.

And so many believed me when I put on a smile and said I was fine.
She even believed me.
Was it better that way?


I only walk.

I can't pretend forever though.
One day they will all see.
The burning scars on my heart.

Tiffany, will you ever see this?

-Walking out the door tonight
You can't see the light burn out of me
All you seeIs your burning pain

Not my tears that fall down like rain
You said it will get better
But, I haven't heard from you…not even a letter

Now here you are, at my door
To just push me on the floor

I asked you...
"Do you love me?"