September 12th 2009 5:00pm

The sun was beginning its slow journey to slumber and the moon was beginning to wake itself up.
Emerald threw her hands up in the air as a light breeze flew into the trees, into her hair, and around the waves causing small waves to appear on the quiet ocean.

The beach was her sanctuary.
Her one place she could call home.

"You ask so much about me. Tell me Tiffany, who are you?" Emerald asked while sitting on a log.

The wind blew again and Tiffany pulled her blonde hair up into a hair holder.
Resting her back against the log Emerald sat on.

"What do you want to know?" Tiffany asked unsurely.

Emerald picked up her bag and pulled out her ID Card and started to look at it.

"What's your favorite color?"
"Lime green and black."
"Favorite band?"
"Shinedown, but now.. I suppose Celine Dion and some others."
"Are you dating?"

Glancing at Tiffany with surprise.
She leaned over and swat Tiffany with her card and began laughing.
Tiffany gave her a curious look.

"What?" She asked."You are dating, but you asked me out?! That is just crazy." Emerald managed to reply through her laughing.
"I suppose it is. But, I would like to get to know you Little Fairy."
"Then be my friend Old Pixie."

Gasping Tiffany smacked Emerald's thigh.
Folding her arms over her chest she gave Emerald a pout.

Smiling Emerald got up off the log and grabbed her bag.
She began walking down the beach, water rushing up to meet her feet, wet sand digging into her toes, she looked back to see Tiffany smiling at her.

The sun was on the horizon now.
A dark, fire orange radiating off the ocean. You could see the moon , in its full form, off in the distance.
Just now waking up.
It was beautiful, if you appreciated the small things like a sunset.

"Sunset kind of girl?" Tiffany pondered as she strolled up to where Emerald was standing.

Her green eyes were fixed on the descending sun.
Not wavering as she slipped into the past.

The clock sat on the wall.
Just above the fireplace. Inside the fireplace laid a fire.
Burning and making popping noises.
On the fireplace were pictures of two young kids smiling at the camera that took their picture.

One of the kids was a small boy with short blonde hair.
His eyes were gold and he had small dimples when he smiled.

The other was a small girl with curly black hair and blue gray eyes.
She didn't smile as bigas the boy, but none the less, it was a beautiful smile.

A man stood next to this fireplace.
Holding out a letter he just received.
He stood there very quietly, not daring to move an inch.
Sweat ran down his wrinkled forehead.
He read the letter repeatedly again and again in his head.

He didn't even notice when his daughter stepped into the room.
Or when she pulled lightly on his arm.
Not even when she called his name.
He just continued to read the letter, that seemed to scar his mind.

"My dear, there is something we must talk about." the man said through a cracked voice.

He led his daughter over to the couch, and sat down and began to read the letter to her.

Shaking her head Emerald turned and looked at Tiffany.
Grabbing Tiffany's hand they began to walk quietly back to Emerald's house.

The moon was high in the sky when they got back to the house.

They stepped inside and Emerald went into the kitchen and pulled out a frying pan with vegetable oil.
Quickly scrambling into the refrigerator; pulling out potatoes and a tomato.

"Hungry?" Emerald said, poking Tiffany with her tomato.

Nodding her head Tiffany heard her tummy growl.

"Starving actually."

September 12th 9:00pm

Emerald crawled into her bed and pulled her comforter up.
Glancing over to the window where Tiffany.

"Hey, I'll say yes to being friends." she whispered.

Tiffany nodded and walked over to Emerald.

"Goodnight. Try to stay alive another night."

With those words Emerald fell into a deep slumber.

My name is Tiffany.
I was born to love and destroy.
Tomorrow is our day Emerald.