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Chapter 1

Be Careful What You Wish For

I just wanna live

Don't really care about the things that they say

Don't really care about what happens to me

I just wanna live

*Good Charlotte-I Just Wanna Live*

Dear Diary,

I had another nightmare last night. It was Michael's face. Again.

What is it with this dream? Why do the dead- and the past- have to come back to haunt me?

Of course I know the answer. My questions are always stupid.

It happens because I deserve it. Just like I deserve the monotony of the coming school day. And my shit excuse for a life.

I'll go to school, be bothered by Eric, made late to Calculus, and get a detention from Mr Kade. I'll get the evil eye from Nina and her barbie squad. Then I'll come home and Mom will be frantically searching the Bible for a 'cure for my disease', because of course, any person that can move things with their mind and dream of the future, not to mention all the other crap I can do, needs to be saved by God. Mother knows best.

If I'm going to hell, it won't be because of my powers. It'll be because of Michael. I won't ever let that go. To hell with it all I say.

But unfortunately, I have today, tomorrow, and a lifetime to suffer before I'm free of this crap.

I really wish something could change.

xx Brianna

Josh's POV

I couldn't believe they were making us move here. Sometimes, my parents really sucked.

"Now don't forget, you can't tell anyone who you really are," my father reminded me sternly.

"Naw, Dad, really?" I asked sarcastically.

"Yes really, Joshua!"

They just did not get sarcasm.

Mom was busy flicking through personnel files. How she got her hands on them, I had no clue.

She closed one and sighed. "Drake, I can't find anything that fits the usual pattern of the psychics. Are you sure there's one here?"

My father turned to her. "Jim said there was, so there has to be. Is he ever wrong?"

Mom shook her head in defeat. "Well, I guess I'll just have to look harder."

Jim was the one guy who could tell all the signs of a psychic manifestation. He directed my family, and all the families and people like us, to find them.

We hunted these psychics, and all the bad creatures out there, to keep all the humans, and good creatures, safe. Jim gave us jobs to hunt.

But this was a weird one. Even Dad said so. Usually Jim gave hunters jobs that were close to them, so that we didn't have to up and leave all the time. But this time, he gave us a job two states over. It didn't make any sense.

But if Jim gave you a job, you sure as hell did it. So we moved. I mean, there were a ton of people like us who lived here, Jim himself did. So why us?

I mean, Dad asked. But all Jim said was 'It'll be a learning curve for your entire family.'

That was the weirdest bit of all of it. What more did we have to learn? We'd gone through it all. We'd lost people we loved. And we had learned. We now knew all psychics were evil, and they all had to be wiped off the face of the earth.

Jayden, my little brother, didn't quite understand that yet. But he was thirteen, and he would understand soon enough.

So while we looked for a psychic, Jayden and I were starting high school today, at Fairview High.

What fun.

Walking up the corridor and through the packed crowds of students, subject to many stares, I could already tell. Being a new kid sucked.

The white walls were so bright I was almost blinded by them. The corridor was thin, and tightly packed with students. There was barely enough room for the lockers.

Jayden looked tired, and it was obvious the kid was miserable. That pained me. I loved my little brother, and hated that he was unhappy.

"Why did we have to move here?" He asked quietly.

"You know why, Jay. Jim said so." I told him gently. He had just found a place back home, and then had to leave it and come to a huge new school further away from it than he had ever been in his life. I wished I could make him feel better. "Hey, after school, you and me should grab a milkshake and movie. Just like we did when you were in middle school. What do you say?"

"Thanks Josh. That would be cool." He responded, trying a smile.

We turned a corner and came to a fairly empty hallway. Someone was standing at a locker, with a cheerleading squad behind them.

The locker door slammed closed, and behind it was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She had long blonde hair, green-blue eyes, a thin nose, and a large, full-lipped mouth. She was wearing jeans and an off-the-shoulder black shirt.

She also looked extremely irritated.

"Look Nina, I don't care about Homecoming. I'm not even going to turn up, so you're guaranteed that stupid, plastic tiara. Now will you please just leave me alone?"she said to the cheerleader at the front in an enchanting voice.

The bottle blonde, push-up bra, surgery enhanced cheerleader looked vitriolic. "You shouldn't even have a place on the homecoming court, whore." She said in a high, nasal tone.

Now the stunning girl just looked pissed off. "I am so sorry that people think you're a bitch, but that reputation has nothing to do with me."

"You're going to regret that," the cheerleader snarled, reaching out a hand to slap the girl, but she merely caught her hand and twisted her arm.

"Leave before you embarrass yourself further," the beauty said disgustedly. The cheerleaders, looking horrified, scuttled away, whispering and glaring.

The girl rolled her eyes and turned, to see me staring at her. I quickly diverted my eyes, but after a few seconds, looked back up.

But she was gone.

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