A Welcome Escape

The kiss of the bade on my skin,

Is a sweet and familiar touch.

Dearly missed, it has been.

Like a long forgotten friend.

The jagged edge breaks the skin,

And I sigh in relief,

Because the stinging pain

Makes it so easy to forget.

I stop and look at what I've done.

Deep, bloody lines,

Parallel to those previously made,

Stand out on pale skin.

But all too soon, the memories flood back.

I clutch my head and scream.

And the memories continue to flash,

Even as my blood continues to flow.

I grip the blade tightly,

And drag it harshly across my arm.

This cut, so much deeper then the others,

Does nothing to help.

Again and again, I repeat the process.

And soon my world is fading to black.

But I smile, because at this point,

Death is a welcome escape.