There are certain things in life that school and the internet really doesn't prepare you for. E.g. coming to class with your shirt inside out, why some people are so evil, what goes on inside a parent's head and how to get over someone? Yeah, some websites give it their best shot but they can never be accurate, why? Because everyone is different! We are all raised differently and because of that we think differently too, especially boys and girls. For example while some girls will think three months is a long time for a relationship some guys will consider it nothing.

Three months is kind of long, don't you think? Twelve weeks...that's an eighty four days relationship!

Oh I forgot to introduce myself , My name is Claire Banks I'm 19 and I've just finished my first year of university. I really hadn't thought of writing this had it not been for my experience with Charlie. Maybe if I had someone who had been through it really explain things, everything would have turned out differently between us...

Let me explain to you, what I can. This is a prologue so I really can't go into too much detail. Charlie Banks was my sixth or seventh crush that existed out of my imagination. He was taller than me, a task many guys struggle with. He was built, funny, sweet and one of the nicest guys I knew. So it really wasn't a big surprise when I realised I had fallen for him...very hard.

The thing is Charlie had a nasty habit of never being single and going out with crazy girls, all of them pretty but crazy. He broke up then got back with them and broke other words; until the craziness became uncontrollable Charlie hung in there. Sweet or stupid, I'm not sure.

So from very early on, despite my wishes and wonderful fantasies- in which I was skinny, hot and pretty-I realised it was never going to happen. I accepted I was just going to be his friend and not even the best kind, just the one he talks to every once in a blue moon. Sadly enough I didn't mind, I just liked being his friend, I know pathetic! Well that was until June 4th, the day I decided that I had enough.

I had allowed my unrequited love for Charlie pee on my life for three fricking years! Three years is a long time in anyone's mind to have a crush. So I made the important decision to move on and away. I was staying away from him! I wasn't talking to him unless he talked to me first! If he came to my uni I wasn't going to go and see him, he would come and see me!

Unfortunately it didn't exactly go to plan...

Author note – This is my first story in a while, my heart kind of died a little (not literally) and my passion drifted off a bit but know I'm trying to relight it. So be gentle with me. Let me know about grammar and spelling people. R&R Daydreamer ange o