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Chapter 27

Georgia hunched over the toilet. Her breakfast left her in violent heaves. If she wasn't on her period, she'd be worried she was pregnant. Kenneth sat beside her, rubbing slow circles on her back. She knew this was all anxiety. After mating season, Kenneth had taken her to the court house, and with only Peter, Phoebe, Ashland and Marilein to witness, they got married. Her mother had been beyond horrified when she heard the news; and now she was flying in to see her. Georgia's father had been adamant on refusing to acknowledge the existence of Kenneth, but her mother…. She was sure she was going to try to talk her into divorce or annulment. Everything happened in such a rush that now, she could barely function. Panic filled her at the thought of her mother being here—of seeing her again after everything.

She rested her forehead against the cool toilet. She turned her head slightly, looking over at Kenneth. He wore an odd expression filled with worry. "I'm ok," she said, her throat sore from the heaving.

"I wanted to say you didn't have to see her, but it's a little difficult when she's supposed to be here in half an hour." Georgia grimaced at the words. Maybe they could hide out in one of the cabins surrounding the city? "Come on, let's get you cleaned up." Ken helped her stand, pushing hair from her face, before moving to the shower. Georgia watched as he started the shower, occasionally running his hand under the water to test the temperature. He walked over to the sink, pulling out her toothbrush and toothpaste and setting them on the shower ledge. He didn't speak as he began to lift the edge of her night shirt and tug it over her head. She let him undress her and lead her to the shower. She had expected he would leave her to wash alone, but was surprised when he joined her.


"Hm?" He wet a cloth and ran it down her back, rubbing in gentle circles. She was about to tell him she could bath herself, but decided to just enjoy being pampered. She was a bit exhausted from the stress. She had to suppress a moan when his fingers went into her hair, massaging the wet curls. She didn't fight the smile that spread across her face as he rinsed her hair. "How about you get dressed while I finish showering?" Georgia cracked open her eyes. It was probably close to her mother arriving. She could feel her heart beat quicken. His hands gripped her shoulder, pulling her from her thoughts. "It's going to be ok." He left a soft kiss on her forehead. She wasn't sure she believed that. She blanched at the sound of the doorbell. Letting out a breath, she moved out of the shower and ran to the bedroom. She quickly threw on a pair of jeans and tee shirt and put on a head band to hold her hair out of her face.

She almost tripped when she made her way downstairs. Her nerves jumped when the doorbell sounded again. She flung the front door open, her nerves eating at her. She knew she looked like a mess, but the look her mother's face as she took her in said it clearly. She grimaced. Carolyn Brown had her blond hair pulled into a tight bun. Her makeup was light albeit flawless. She wore dark blue jeans stuffed into black boots with a camisole under a black blazer. "Georgia…" Her lips pursed as her brows furrowed.

"Mom!" She lunged forward and wrapped her arms around her. Her mother let out a gasp as Georgia squeezed her. Georgia tried to push her anxiety to the side and smile. "How was the flight?"

"It was fine." She seemed dazed from the sudden hug but let out a big smile. "The house looks quite nice." She looked around herself, taking in the front foyer. Georgia knew she was inspecting the premises for any flaws. "Been in his family long?"

"...about 3 or 4 generations…. Um… Kenneth likes shoes to be taken off."

"Won't my feet get dirty?" She sat at the bench by the door and slowly removed her shoes. She rested her feet against the floor before picking them up again and checking the bottom. "So where is he?" she asked as she straightened. Standing, she smoothed out invisible wrinkles. Georgia watched her eyes darken as she looked past her. She could feel her heart hammering in her chest. Ken must be on the stairs. Carolyn's brown eyes turned to her, but Georgia could tell she wasn't really looking at her. "I'm so sorry for Papa not coming, you know how he can be. I think it's great that you actually went through with all of this. It will be great practice for when you find a suitable husband." Georgia bristled at the words, highly aware of the tension in the room. She had a sinking feeling that Kenneth was within earshot.

"Mom…. Kenneth and I…."

"Have you thought about school? Are you going to finish?"

"I plan to…."

"Oh! Wonderful. When are you coming home to finish? Alex was asking about you."

"…Alex?" Georgia blushed.

Her mother's smile widened at the blush. She nodded vehemently. "Alex would be suitable. He misses you. You got along with his sister."

"Kenneth's sister…."

"Is this Kenneth?" Carolyn's smile never left her face. "I didn't know they came in red." Georgia's brows knitted. Her mother had seen a picture of Kenneth before…. Georgia blanched as she felt his hand rest on her lower back.

"Um… Ken this is my mother; Carolyn Brown."

"Mrs. Brown," he greeted. She couldn't quite see his facial expression from this angle, but she was sure he was frowning.

"He's adorable Georgia—but that's no reason to stay here you know…"

"MOM!" Georgia could feel his hand grip her side with tension. "Kenneth and I are married. I could have sworn I told you…."

"I know." Her smile never left her face, but even Georgia could see it didn't reach her eyes. "But we both know you are sweet, caring and sucker for puppies. I'm willing to stay here for as long as it takes for you to come to your senses." She cleared her throat. "Now, Georgia why don't you give me a tour and you," she turned to Kenneth, her smile still firmly on her face, "please fetch my luggage."

The mom has now arrived! She can be quite nasty when she tries to protect her child. . I dunno if this will end good…