All of these lullabies
Singing softly in the night
Full of pretty melodies
And skimming ears,
soft as the breeze

Let me hear you sing
Let your glowing eyes gleam
For all these pretty lullabies end
Only to slowly start again

Water droplets fall through the screen
Failing laughter caught on the sea
I feel the sand beneath my feet
I see the growing harmonies

You speak out, lash out to me
I scream out, Recoil in deep
So, hush little sweetie
Don't dare speak a word
Growling tempers
Unspoken, yet heard

And as night breaks day,
My Latina blood sways
No, no not in a bad way
Dizzying effects, waiting bay

And as sinking day begins
Reaching in the night
I'll find that soft light
And then, the lullabies
Will start a fight

Slowly, softly,
Gently, bright
My Spanish Lullabies
We sing goodbye

AN - This is my song poem (lyrical poem), and I really hope you enjoyed it. I thought of it while listening to Almost Lover, a while back (Like, two or three years ago).