My Eternity

A/N: So this is the second poem that I have been working on, and it has been in my book for quite a while now. I'm not sure what you will get from it, but there are probably many interpretations to it. I still can't really get the punctuation stuff down in poems so if you have any suggestions, please feel free to tell me! Also, I put this apart from Dark Solitude because I am not sure if they would fit into a collection together. After you read the poem and have interpreted yourself, I would like to hear what you got from it and how it was different if I were to hint at something (which will be at the bottom of the poem). It would be really interesting to see how different perspectives can shape the poem. Therefore once again, please enjoy!

The world is silent around me,

Its whiteness resembling that of an untouched canvass;

An unborn dream.

The snow drifts continuously down onto the soft blanket below,

Each flake blending with the sky,

A scene undisturbed by my presence,

As if time itself does not exist.

I reach out into the whiteness and grasp nothing,

The world eludes me and I am left alone.

In this scene filled with emptiness,

I am insignificant.

Stranded in a timeless void as time leaves me behind,

Is this my eternity?

A/N: Now that you sort of have an interpretation of your own, does the knowledge that my eternity may mean "my life" change the way you interpret the poem? Or are you even more lost (if you were lost already). :P