you're dangerous

your love burns

in my throat

[like the deadliest drug]

but i crave it

and if i could breathe

i woul e

all the beautiful ways

you {unintentionally}

break myheart

but you're the worst kind

of thief

the kind that takes

without knowing

stealing my breath

with your devastating smile

and i can't bear

to say no

don't you realize

that loving you

is like dancing with a volcano

i never know when you're

going to b.l.o.w

an my world

with you e


take me away

take me to the place

where your love hides

when you don't want

to be human


i can feel you slipping away

from me

hiding behind your sarcastic smile

and your arrogant s.t.r.i.d.e

i miss you

come back to me

A/N: From back when I would have sworn that he loved me.

[love is a fool's game]