The morning sun illuminated the small room in which Bhargava slept. The light fell directly on his eyes. He turned in his sleep, muttering in a silent whisper. He finally rose and yawned, his hands held high in the air lethargically.

He walked slowly out of the room. The house was quiet and desolate.

Where in the world have they gone? thought the young boy.

He walked to the restrooms. His bathroom cargo was kept on their respective stands. He took out his toothbrush and started getting fresh.

Sometime later, he came out and walked through the wide corridors. He came out to the living room. It was empty. The door was wide open. He felt a little uneasy.

He expected at least his friend, Mitra, to be in the house. But no one of his family was to be found.

By instinct or no, he felt himself tugged outside the house. His feet walked with renewed vigor and his heart still rose in anger. He was still hot within; the events of the previous day not faded from his memories.

The moment he reached the gate of his friend's house, an explosion smote the house behind. Windows broke with a noise and the glasses blew in shards. One such shard scratched his chin as he bent down on the ground. Blood trickled down and the drops wetted the grass blades.

In three minutes the whole place was burning with a great fire. Bhargava looked melancholy. His face saddened at the grave loss. But just then, something happened. The drops of his blood trickled down the grass blades into the ground and formed a great stream. It flowed like a river towards the house. The river branched into many tributaries and wetted the whole ground around the house. And in two minutes, the fires were quenched. The house was as it was a few minutes ago.

Bhargava stood and smiled. Then, his face grew in anger. His enemies were many. And now, they were within his village, within his own circle.

He would now throw all those into fire who had come to threaten his life. He would send them into oblivion. The time had come for him to fight.

Mitra was nowhere, his family was nowhere, even the village seemed desolate. He would ruin all, he could not bear to think that the village had betrayed him.


Author's Note:

Sorry guys, a short chapter but I think the rest of the chapters will be lengthy.