Treasured Times

And there I lay,
in a sea of green and gold.
The cold, prickly feeling I get on my back,
All because of my soft, beaten up, cotton tee.
Oh, to treasure times like these.

Looking up to the sky,
I see clouds.
Clouds in groups,
And clouds alone.

The white fluffs seem motionless across the light blue sky.
Gently moving away with every blink I take.
Oh, to treasure times like these.

As a cloud the shape of a rabbit flies by
I sit up,
crossed legged and calm.

My eyes glared motionless,
As the rabbit cloud swayed gently above.
Oh, to treasure times like these.

As I sit,
I feel a breeze.
The cool, cool breeze.
Carrying along an awfully too familiar scent.

The aroma of vanilla and honey fills the air,
And my spine tingles and face blushes.
I can feel her staring straight at me.
So I turn.
And oh, to treasure times like these.

There she stands,
Behind me with that sweet smile of hers.

Her ashy-blonde hair curls down across her chest.
One word to describe what I see,

She places her hands on my face.
Soft, warm, and comforting.
Her scent fills my body
As I close my eyes and relax.

But as I do,
Something changes.

I awake in class with thirty seconds left of school.
There she sits,
Across the room with that beautiful smile.
And then I laugh to myself,
Oh, to treasure times like these.